LajupuLeku releases debut music video ‘Akimthe Laghi’

LajupuLeku releases debut music video ‘Akimthe Laghi’

LajupuLeku, a women singing group from Chekiye Village released their first music video ‘Akimthe Laghi’ (The righteous way) on Tuluni, July 8 produced by Musik-A production.


The song was composed and produced by Alobo Naga, lyrics by Inaholi Jakha, recorded by Alem Alia (Tribes Studio) and Cinematography and editing by Vito Sumi of Reckless films/ Newlife Studio. The song is a mixture of contemporary pop and Sumi Naga folk song.


Talking about the latest production, Alobo Naga says, “I had this idea in my head for a very long time about local singing groups (Sumi). Most of the songs were very monotonous, follows the same pattern, styles & melody since a very long time. So I thought why not try to encourage them to write songs and compose in different styles too.”


He also states, last year, “this women folk from Chekiye Village came over to me for a crash course in contemporary singing. I trained them for a week, most of them were amateur and didn’t have much idea about music or singing. This year I composed this song and we started this tiny project. This is an experimenting project of mine, hope you will be blessed through this song.”


The new music video is available in YouTube.