LCF appeals Zeliangrongs to remain united

Tamenglong, December 20 (MExN): The Luangdimai Citizens Forum (LCF) has made an appeal to all the Zeliangrong people to be vigilant against “forces inimical to the greater interest of the Zeliangrong people both within and without”.


The Forum in a statement maintained that the Zeliangrong people are the descendants of the same ancestor and that they are bound by “indestructible bond of blood relationship, culture, traditions and common history”.


Notwithstanding this, “un-mandated self style councils” and “separatists backed by outside forces” are running headlong towards suicidal destination by going astray from the path shown by Zeliangrong pioneers for “One People One Vision One Voice”, the Forum stated.


The LCF argued that the Zeliangrong people have already lost large chunk of land and resources due to “internal differences” and in this regard, urged that impending conflicts be gauged with strategic vision keeping in mind the larger interest of the Zeliangrong people.


“Let us remind ourselves once again of the historic and solemn pledge that our forefathers had taken in the form of Chukthoibo/Chukthoibe/Chuksumei on 1st April, 1934 at Tamenglong Head Quarters which was the most significant epitome of consanguinity of Zeliangrong people,” the Forum stated while calling on every Zeliangrong citizen including Inpui speaking groups to uphold the pledge of Oneness and not indulge in any activity against the spirit of unity and brotherhood.


Further arguing that the convention called by RNPO at Tamenglong Headquarters in January would divide the Zeliangrong people further, the LCF urged people not to attend the convention or extend cooperation to activities detrimental to the unity and integrity of the Zeliangrong people.