Let’s renew our faith and focus on Jesus

Jabez Jason


When our data pack runs out. We need to get recharge for continuation of usage. Likewise, this is the day that the Lord reveals us, to renew our “FAITH” and “FOCUS” on Jesus no matter what types of storms we may face in our lives. Every single day should be a “Christmas” in our hearts. Christmas season comes and goes, therefore God has given us this wonderful opportunity to come in HIS presence with true repentance and confession of sins. We need to realize deep in our hearts. Are we increasing our “FAITH” on Jesus or decreasing our “FAITH.” Many chose to walk in darkness. When Jesus has given us the light. As it is written, “FOR MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN.” and likewise “ONE WILL BE TAKEN UP AND THE OTHER ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND.” God desires HIS children to build their foundation on the rock of Jesus and not on the sand. On that day, how terrible it’ll be if our name is not found in the “BOOK OF LIFE.” Therefore, dear brethren may this Christmas be a true and a meaningful one for us. May the peace of God be in our household!