LLRPO appeal to accelerate construction of Foothill Road

Wokha, November 23 (MExN): With the consent finally on the desk for the construction of Foothill Road, Lotha Lower Range Public Organization (LLRPO) has ardently appeal the PWD (R&B) Department, Government of Nagaland to accelerate the procedural task involved to go ahead with the second phase construction without losing another working season.


A press release issued by LLRPO general secretary R Kemerio Yanthan; A/President Chenirao Jami; and Vice President N Abel Lotha stated that as published earlier in the local dailies, verification team of LLRPO and SDO PWD (R&B) detected two portions for rectification of alignments which were connected by existing road. Under the supervision of SDO PWD (R&B) the team surveyed one portion of road and prepared the DPR according to the original alignment of the department and had been sent to higher authority for consideration. The other portion of road which has not been corrected requires immediate attention of the department.


“These findings, if not taken into account while preparing the DPR for the second phase shall definitely impede the road from success,” stated the LLRPO while adding that in reiteration to its resolution the LLRPO once again appeal the PWD(R&B) department, Government of Nagaland to award the contract work under its sector only to competent contractors.


Mention may be made that the LLRPO by resolution of the public on October 12, 2012 resolved to supervise and support the construction of foothill road and as such, the first survey which was carried out at its sector was spearheaded by the officials of LLRPO and technical staffs of PWD (R&B) Bhandari.