Load shedding affects power supply in Dmp

Morung Express News
Dimapur |August 31


For the past several days, residents of Duncan Basti, Notun Bosti, DC Court junction and other nearby areas have been experiencing erratic power supply which they claim to be unusual even during peak summer in the past seasons.


When The Morung Express asked a Power Department official about the reasons for the irregular power supply, he said load shedding happens every year during peak summer from June to August and stretches till the end of September and early part of October.


“Owing to heavy load, the power transformers are unable to carry the load and we have to distribute power accordingly area/colony wise,” he said. The officer informed that the conductor snaps due to over loading and that the department also could not increase the capacity of fuse wire simply to avoid snapping since the transformer needs to be protected too.


He said that the Department would soon be giving out mobile phone numbers of all control rooms to attend to public calls, since landline connection goes off most of the time.


Meanwhile, residents expressed their displeasure at the random power cuts and with no proper timing for load shedding; it has affected their daily work activities. They also complained against the irregular monthly electricity bills and that they receive bills for 2-3 months instead of monthly bills. They expressed difficulty in clearing bills for months together at one go.