Nagaland: Locally designed rice thresher introduced at Mopungchuket

Nagaland: Locally designed rice thresher introduced at Mopungchuket
Samadangla Ao and Bendangwapang, both assistant professors at Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, demonstrating the assembling and operation of the ACT Rice Thresher that they designed to the villagers of Mopungchuket, Mokokchung, September 1. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Mopungchuket | September 1


In a new development that is expected to bring respite to the traditional jhum paddy farmers of Nagaland, two assistant professors from Kohima Science College, Jotsoma unveiled at Mopungchuket village, Mokokchung today a portable manual rice thresher that they had designed.


Samadangla Ao, department of Botany and Bendangwapang, department of Mathematics, Kohima Science College Jotsoma designed the thresher which they call the ‘Agro Compatible Technology Rice Thresher or ACT Rice Thresher’. In a statement, the duo said that the thresher was designed “with the aim of reducing physical stress and time spent during threshing process after observing that rice threshing process is an arduous labor intensive and time consuming work.”


The machine is made of locally available materials and is pedal operated with an alternative option for hand operation. “It is specially targeted to serve rural farms where there is no electricity connectivity and does not require fuel to operate. It can be dismantled into separate parts and is easy to assemble for ease of transport. This allows for sharing of a machine among multiple farmers,” they said.


The duo also said that the thresher was introduced to the farmers with hope that it will cut their labor costs for threshing and save more time to engage in other productive activities. “Through this introduction we wish to encourage the local entrepreneurs to recognize the current need for mechanization of agriculture in Nagaland by developing compatible technology for efficient and improve food production,” they added.


Traditionally, threshing of rice involves trampling the harvested crop by bare feet spread over a mat after which the straw is separated from the grains. The grains are then separated from the chaff by manual winnowing.


This project was funded by Bendangkokba IAS, Commissioner & Secretary, Works and Housing Department, Nagaland, Kohima, along with contributions by local entrepreneurs Chubanungsang Imsong, M/s C. Steel Fabrication, Kohima, M/s Sagar House, Kohima, M/s Bearing House, Dimapur and Artain Enterprise Pvt. Ltd., Dimapur, for which Samadangla and Bendangwapang expressed appreciation.


Two machines were introduced today where they also demonstrated the assembling and operation of the machine to the villagers. Chairman of Mopungchuket village council, Aosadang thanked Samadangla and Bendangwapang for their work and also conveyed appreciation to the sponsors.


Meanwhile, the two assistant professors said that their project was not for profit or commercial venture and hoped that farmers and local entrepreneurs would observe their threshing machine and replicate them and conveyed that they are ready to assist any interested people. They also said that interested people can watch their demonstration on YouTube by searching “ACT Rice Thresher Mopungchuket.”