Longleng DPDB for up-gradation of post offices, resuming chopper service

Longleng, May 8 (DIPR): The Longleng District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) discussed several issues in its monthly meeting held on May 7 at the DC’s conference hall, Longleng.


Deputy Commissioner & Vice Chairman DPDB of Longleng, John Tsulise Sangtam informed about Lok Sabha bye-election and enforcement of model code of conduct in the State. He directed the officers to ensure that model code of conduct is not violated in the district. The heads of the departments were further asked to furnish their correct incumbency list with full particulars along with their attached vehicles to the DEO office on or before May 10 without fail.


The DC also urged the HoDs to ensure that their vehicles are kept in good conditions for election duty and to avoid listing officers and officials who are going to retire within a period of six months in the incumbency list for election duty. Referring to the shortage of vehicles and manpower reported during the last general elections, he directed the officers not to repeat the same mistakes in the forthcoming bye-election.


In connection to proposal submitted by the Phom Peoples’ Council (PPC) regarding chopper service in the district, representative of the NST department in the meeting shared the schedules of chopper service from Dimapur to Longleng. It was informed that chopper service from Dimapur to Longleng is available every Thursday with a fare of Rs. 1000/- per passenger. Tickets are available at NST counter, Longleng and Dimapur Airport. The departure time from Dimapur is 11:10 am and from Longleng it is 12:05 pm, the official informed.


The board decided to forward the matter to the department concerned to resume the chopper service in the district for the welfare of the public.


The meeting also discussed for urgent up-gradation of post offices in Longleng and Tamlu. It highlighted the grievances and problems faced by the public, especially the beneficiaries and farmers under Longleng and Tamlu, in opening new accounts in the post offices due to lack of banking facilities in the district. Therefore, the board forwarded the matter to the department concerned for urgent up-gradation of the 2 post offices for the welfare of the district.


The CDPO Longleng and Tamlu presented their activities through PowerPoint. The DC directed the District Agricultural Officer’s office and Land Resources Department to present their departmental activities in the next meeting.