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Lotha Hoho censures sacking of Lotha Ministers

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 17 (MExN): The Lotha Hoho today expressed shock and surprise at the sacking of two Lotha Ministers, Y Patton and Mmhonlumo Kikon, further questioning “why the Chief Minister had targeted the Lotha Ministers in particular.”


“The Lotha tribe with only four MLAs and only two Ministers had been targeted and all its Ministers sacked. Is this fair and democratic or is it that the DAN Ministry does not want any Lotha MLA to be a Minister or has the Nagaland CM gone berserk?” a press statement from the Lotha Hoho posed.


The statement which was sent by Lotha Hoho Chairman, Mhao Humtsoe and General Secretary, Mhondamo Ovung further questioned the “sanity of the CM and DAN leaders and wanted to know if the Nagaland state politics is for tribalism or favouritism or nepotism.”


The LH will not say anything on matters of internal party affairs, it said, but at the same time noted that “when the matter pertains to social rights, the LH would assert that the Lotha community will not accept any such discrimination and will not support such a farcical government.”


It demanded that Lotha MLAs be included in the present Ministry immediately, “lest the Lotha community is compelled to withdraw its support to the government.” The Lotha Hoho further asserted that “any MLA is a representative of the electorate and hence the elected MLA is supposed to stand for the rights and welfare of the electorate and the elected leader cannot be made a tool or errand runner of the party or the CM or party leaders.”