“Love Your Neighbour” Relief Fund Drive for Manipur Earthquake victims

“Love Your Neighbour” Relief Fund Drive for Manipur Earthquake victims

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Jenpu Rhakho Rongmei: The Concerned Citizens of Dimapur along with CAN Youth organization, will be organizing a 3 days Fund Drive Event at Bata Char Ali and Holy Cross Junction for the Earthquake victims of Kabui Khullen Village from 22/01/15 till 25/01/15.


One of the oldest Rongmei Inhabited village in Tamenlong District, situated nearest to the Epicenter of the high intensity Earthquake of 04/01/15 has to be a thing of the past with experts warning of heavy landslide or sinking in the area in near future as cracks started appearing in the grounds which were enlarging day by day, besides detecting unnatural rise in water level followed by emission of water vapours from the cracks. Nearly 500 lives will be affected by the vacating of this village


” Love Your Neighbour “will be a 3 days Fund drive event where we shall practically show our Neighbour that we care .For it will be hypocritical on our part if we say ‘ Thank You Lord for the Protection’ but carry on our daily work with the most indifferent and uncaring hearts for our Neighbours in distress. Let us Pray and extend our help to the victims in true Humanitarian spirit.


Members can contact below numbers for further information:-
Neitho khusoh : 8131897678
Samuel Walling : 9612393941
Be There …..Let’s show Dimapur Care!


Corruption in the land called “Nagaland for Christ” Whose responsibility is it?


Azo Vezokho Nyekha: There is a pressing issue which need to be discussed and analyse by every individual on online or offline (if possible) with regard to public servants and govt. servants. Strange as it may sound, but there are certain rules and regulations that bind the govt. servants and public servants according to administrative laws. In short Public servants are the local politicians, MLAs, advisors, contractors, member of various NGO’s, member of various state commissions, Boards, companies and corporates CEOs(if existed), member of associations(NGO), member of federations(NGO), lawyers, private medical practitioners and even pastors, diocese, bishops etc of various churches and denominations; on the other hand govt. servants are those that are permanently or semi-permanently(contract and Adhoc employees) inducted by the govt. and directly derived benefits from the state government. Lest we forget, in the state of NAGALAND there should be some watchmen which needs to feed constant reminder to our people, all because highly qualified personnel’s were inducted in the state government offices and departments, being so qualified this elite groups don’t even realise whether he or she is a govt. servant or a public servant. Comes the most significant part and very crucial information being that; some of this people were members of both categories called ‘jack of all trades’ oops how do i put it. Another very important and uncanny behaviour of our state POLITICIANS being that they usually used this Mr. and Miss ‘jack of all trades’ as a sharpest tool in the shed to be their star campaigner during election and after election or we can call them assets of the politicians or elite politicians. WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES? I think before i even start many will anticipate what am I going to say ‘CORRUPTION’. Now we shout at the top of our lungs ‘state govt. should be corruption free’ it all comes down to this Mr. and Miss ‘jack of all trades’ they manipulate everything whether their party win or lose. Can you see whenever you go to an office, you find rampant political biasness practice by govt. servant, is this how our society evolve into?. My principle being ‘better late than never’ any NGOs which are sincere and striving to bring corruption free state must focus on this area of Public servant and Govt. Servant too, that it is prohibited under govt.

service jurisprudence for a govt. servant to be involved in politics and NGOs as there will be unemployment problems in a state and masses and poor people will be left doing nothing, and for a politician and NGOs cannot do the function of bureaucrats all because there will be corruption in a state. Let Nagaland be made total corruption free state where everybody deserves a place in his or her own right. When you become a govt. servant behave like a govt. servant and when you are involved in politics, NGOs etc. be a good public servant not narrow minded like bureaucrats.


Rokovizo Kuotsu Angami Naga : In Nagaland our bureaucrats are not known to be as venal as their political master. What they lack is the spine to stand up to the minister politicians and expose those who compel them to do wrong. Bureaucrats here are too selfishly motivated to protect their backsides and to avoid transfer. Hence they will not speak up even if doing so is necessary in their call of duty. When will the IAS fraternity here develop the backbone to complain against the middle some politicians and when will they stop saying “yes sir” to everything i don’t know but this will exist even in the coming days.


And if you look at corruption from a birds point of view you’ll noticed that it is more like a food chain. It all start from the bottom-we the public, the normal people and as it goes up it get bigger and ends up with people like our politicians, the corporates etc. Even if there is code of conduct for election rules nothing will work, it might be able to curb corruption at the top but will never dent our spirit to be corrupt as it imbedded in our DNA, unless we choose to stop it from the bottom first, which is us!


Corruption is rampant here and what you said is quite true which is why our educational standards are dipping instead of rising. Our school, colleges and universities produce thousands of half bake graduates who are not employable unless they get political oxygen. Young people have such low self- esteem and their dependence on politicians is overwhelming. Even after written their examination and faced the interview boards, they still expect politicians to be their arbiters. Parents have no sense of guilt about asking the ministers to push their children above the meritorious ones, to the point where ministers have to used their ink to falsify the list of who should have been appointed or not. Where did corruption start? We all want our politicians to give us what we want for free, I feel to curb corruption at the top, we should first look at who we vote for and stop being corrupt ourselves by expecting the world from our incapable, self-absorbed, business minded leaders.


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