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Lt. Emi Merry (IAS) Women Tournament


Rising Star Forest women's team (in white jersey) playing against Tuensang Women's team (in red jersey) during the fourth day of Lt. Emi Merry (IAS) Women Tournament at local ground Wokha.


WOKHA, FEBRUARY 14 (MExN): Tuensang defeated Yingsung Olongo Sporting Club (SC) 1-0 while Chumpo Sporting Club Koio defeated Lakhuti Women Sporting Club 12-0 in the football matches of the Le Emi Merry (IAS) Women’s Tournament in Wokha.


In the volleyball matches, Yanthamo Wokha Town defeated Rachan Eloe Ekhung, Rising Star Forest defeated Tuensang and Pangti Village Women Sporting Association (PVWSA) defeated Airfield Colony.


February 15 Matches



Yanthamo Vs Tsumang

Suren Vs Lakhuti



A1 Tsungiki Vs Suren

Lakhuti Vs Yanthamo Wokha Town

Vungotchu vs Airfield Colony




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