Make decision for good and clean government: Governor

Kohima, February 24 (MExN): Governor of Nagaland State, PB Acharya, has urged every citizen of Nagaland State to “ensure that s/he casts her/his vote, as s/he is the one who makes the decision of having a good and clean Government.”


This was stated today in a press release from the Governor, sent by the PRO Raj Bhavan.


In a democracy, explained the Governor, “elections play the most important role in shaping the destiny of the people, and the people, while exercising their franchise, constitute the real source of power in the elections as they make their choice and elect only those in whom they have faith.”


Thus, every vote counts and “can make a difference in taking our country to a road of development.” He hoped that voters will not “let the opportunity go waste” as this is “your valuable right and duty.”


In that, he appealed to all citizens of the State, Political Parties, Security agencies, police and other departments to facilitate a peaceful atmosphere in which people could cast their vote without any fear.


The Governor also called for respect towards all other candidates and parties, and “viewing them as important stakeholders in the democratic process, use dignified language and fight elections on ideology/issues.”


Noting that the Election Commission of India only recognizes parties which have faith in democracy, secularism and upholds the Indian Constitution, the Governor reiterated, “Our country is a Democratic and Secular Country.”