Man ‘flies out’ of a moving vehicle

Morung Express News
Dimapur | March 17


In a bizarre incident defying logic and reason, a man “possessed by evil spirit” allegedly “flew” out of a moving vehicle down into a precipice in Mokokchung district and actually escaped unhurt.


The incident occurred last Saturday evening, March 14, when the man, aged around 22 years, was being taken to Tuli in a Maruti Gypsy vehicle along with other co-passengers after he was reported sick. The man was said to be working in a coal mine.


Accounts of the co-passengers said that the man jumped out from the vehicle at a sharp road turning between Waromong and Yimchenkimong village, down to a ravine and disappeared in the jungle below.


The alarmed and shocked occupants of the vehicle searched the surrounding forest area, only in vain. A search party was called by the Yimchenkimong villagers, since the incident occurred under their jurisdiction.


Adding yet another twist to the incident, the “possessed” man was reportedly found only after a “sorcerer” informed the search party through phone on the exact location where the man was concealed.


Credulous as it may sound; villagers said such mysterious incidents of unlucky victims being “targeted by demons or evil spirit” occur frequently. On December last, a man from another village nearby disappeared while on his way to the jungle to cut timber. Villagers fears he was taken by “evil spirits.” He is yet to be traced.