Mange infestation in Goat and its preventive measures

Mange infestation in Goat and its preventive measures

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

Mange in goat is a highly contagious and severe form of skin disease caused by Sarcoptesscabieian external parasitic mite. They inhabit the skin to feed on skin debris, subcutaneous secretion, blood or lymph. Goats are highly susceptible to mange infestation and causes severe economic losses in farms.

Signs and symptoms of mange infestation in goat

  1. Restlessness.
  2. Exhaustion, loss of appetite, depression and body weight loss.
  3. Intense scratching and rubbing of body surfaces against surrounding objects.
  4. Crusty and scaly skin, pruritus all over body and excessive hair fall.
  5. Inflammation of skin with serous exudates.

Some steps to prevent mange infestation in goat

  1. Keep the shed of the goat also clean ,dry and airy.
  2. Avoid overcrowding of goats in one shed.
  3. Feed well balance nutritious diet and clean fodder grasses.
  4. Maintain good farm fencing and clean grazing land.
  5. Minimize contact of goat with other neighboringgoats.
  6. Daily inspection of your goatery farm for any sick/diseased goat.
  7. Isolation new stock of goat for at least 1 week.
  8. Any sick/diseased goat should be removed from the healthy herd immediately.
  9. Regular and timely deworming and vaccination.
    Consult a Veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centers if any goats in your farm show sick/diseased signs and symptoms for early diagnosis and proper treatment.