Manipur govt bans recruitment process in depts

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Imphal | June 12

The Manipur government has banned all recruitment processes in different state government departments with immediate effect.

An office memorandum issued by the department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Personnel Division) of the state government issued the order banning any recruitment process on Wednesday, June 12.

In the office memorandum, it was notified to all departments (including all agencies, societies, undertakings, boards, corporation etc. under them) to put on hold any recruitment process currently undertaken by them whether for regular, contractual, casual and adhoc appointments with immediate effect. “No recruitment process shall be resumed/initiated without specific permission or instruction from the department of Personnel, Special Secretary (DP) Nidhi Kesarwani stated in the memorandum.

The government order banning any recruitment process came up on the same day the Reserved Bank of India (RBI) has banned withdrawal of fund from the state government’s account with effect from June 12.

Reports said that the RBI imposed the ban all payments of Manipur government after the funds from the state government account was overdrawn in excess of the arrangements agreed upon with RBI. In this regard, the RBI instructed chairman of the State Bank of India (SBI) to cease payments of Manipur government.

The RBI further instructed the SBI chairman to instruct its offices and branches, which are transacting government business for government of Manipur to take necessary actions for stopping payments as per extant procedure.

Similar instructions for ceasing payments of Manipur government were also reportedly received by other banks having accounts of the state government.

While the state government, particularly the state Finance department was yet to come out with the exact reason behind RBI ban payments of Manipur government, many government employees were feared of non-disbursement of their salaries in the coming months.

Following the RBI ban, no government bill or CDA passed by the treasury would be entertained in the banks and it would definitely affect payment of salaries of the government employees. 

Transactions of GP fund and bill related with contract works will also be affected.