Manipur: Tripartite talks today


Newmai News Network
Senapati | August 10


The tripartite talks involving the United Naga Council (UNC), the Central Government and the State Government of Manipur on the district creation issue are all set to be held on August 11, at Senapati headquarters.


The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Joint Secretary in-charge of Northeast, Satyendra Garg while speaking to Newmai News Network over phone has expressed his hope for a positive outcome.


Stating that Government of India is very much concerned with the issue, he said. “The engaging parties must resolve the problem the way it can be. Let us hope for the best outcome of the talks.”


Garg will be chairing the tripartite talks on Friday.


Meanwhile, UNC president Gaidon Kamei told NNN this evening that “Nagas believe in finding solutions to all problems through dialogues”. He also said that “Nagas do not exhaust in finding logical conclusions” to any issue.
“However, if the Government of Manipur takes advantage of our patience and decency, and start working to victimise us then we will know about such dealings in advance,” Kamei added.


He also said that the Nagas know the “strength” of the Manipur Government. “We have been asking our people to remain prepared to face any eventuality in the event of the break-down of the tripartite talks,” he asserted. Nevertheless, the UNC president expressed optimistic about the Friday’s talks.


Gaidon Kamei then said that “anything that may hurt the future of the Nagas” will be thwarted with all out efforts by the Nagas.


Earlier, the tripartite were scheduled for July 22 at the ‘political level’ postponed to early part of August at the request of MHA.


It can be noted here that the tripartite talks on district creation issue which were also scheduled earlier for July 10 at Ukhrul district headquarters were postponed, and the talks were latter fixed for July 22 with Senapati district headquarters as the venue.


Last month, UNC President Gaidon Kamei had stated that Naga people in Manipur “to remain alert to face any eventuality”. Earlier, the UNC had alleged that a party engaging in the tripartite talks was intentionally trying to sabotage the ongoing dialogue on district creation issue.


On May 19, the representatives of the Manipur Government, the Central Government and the UNC had agreed upon to hold tripartite talks on the district creation issue at the political level within a month’s time. However, it has been more than two months now that the talks on the issue could not be held for various reasons.