In the matter of election or solution

T.L Angami

Election is a universal phenomenon practices all over the world to elect the leaders to legislate and rule the country whereas contrary to it solution is a process of adjudication of various laws.


Therefore, election should never be brought into the same parameter of solution where the two definitions itself is clearly different. Election is a process of an event that occurs from time to time. However, solution is a process of settling conflict between two or more parties.


In view of the state of Nagaland, Election will ever take place whether solution arrived before election or not as because, solution may arrive at any point of time which is unpredictable, ultimately election will also took place. To speak the truth, unless a solution to the vexed Naga political issue is settled, the state of Nagaland will always remain under the purview of the Indian constitution which envisaged the state to elect its leaders to the state legislative assembly.


The Bible have clearly stated in Mathew 22:21 that “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar; and to God the thing that are God”. Therefore, the worldly practice of election should never be misconstrued nor exchange with God promises neither, we should not mix up and confused with the process of election, solution and religion which itself has clearly characterize separately. The worldly practice of election is purely belongs to Caesar which should never be categorized together into the same fold of our Almighty God. Therefore, we Nagas as a Christian State, are we not bond to follow the teaching of the Bible?