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MGM, Yemhi undertake student exchange prog

A two-day student exchange programme is currently underway between MGM College, Midland Dimapur and Yemhi Memorial College (YMC), Dimapur. The programme was initiated by Principal of both colleges. As a part of the programme, students of MGM attended classes at YMC for two days.


Some students from MGM will also attend classes at MGM on December 4 and 5, it was informed.


The principal of both the colleges, Rev. Fr. Shibu Varghese and Makhan Chetia have expressed hope that such exchange programmes will enhance the teaching and learning process.


It will also open new ways of learning for the students as well as the teachers, they noted.


Earlier this month, students from MGM College also attended exchange programme at St. Thomas, College Bhillai, in Chhattisgarh. During the same, they attended language, laboratory and English classes.


The students were accompanied the college principal, vice principal Dugra Malakar and some faculty members during the trip.