Mhachen Yanthan releases debut single

Mhachen Yanthan releases debut single

Mhachen Yanthan (Achen), a student of Margaret Shishak School of Music, Patkai Christian College has released his debut single ‘Yanthan Brothers’. The song was released on indihut ( on April 21. It is also available on YouTube (, Facebook and Instagram.


Currently the lead guitarist and backing vocal for a praise band, Acts 29, Mhachen has loved music since childhood. He began performing on stage at a young age.


‘Yanthan Brothers’, he says, is not just about his siblings, but is for everyone who shares similar story as his. It is inspired from conversations he had with his close-knit circle of friends.


“Our meetings are often replete with tales of life, childhood, hardships, families, and our dreams and ambitions. Since we do not have a particular name for the group, I named the song Yanthan Brothers – with the strong bond that we share, I consider them as part of my life and family,” he adds. “I believe there are many people out there who have similar circle of friends with similar stories as ours. I hope this song will resonate with them.”