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In the midst of systemic corruption, will an anti-corruption political party be able to clean up the system in Nagaland State?


Some of those who voted YES had this to say


•    Yes. This is the right question at the right time. We need not only new political party but also new leaders.


•    Yes. We need some new fresh initiatives. Just complaining and complaining all the time without any action will not change things. The Congress, NPF and others have not lived up to people’s expectations. I think it is time to explore a new political party that is against corruption.




•    Why not?  We have all the manpower and resources available to clean up corruption. And, there are more capable leaders out there to get to work.


•    Yes. This is a timely question. But who is going to bell the cat. There is no public leader right now who can take a strong moral stand against corruption.


•    I will say YES. In theory this is a good idea. We need new political leaders and representatives. The seasoned politicians and political parties keep taking the public for a ride. In practice this is difficult. It will be old wine in a new bottle. We do not have credible leaders at this juncture. Even those NGOs who are active against corruption and illegal taxation are not clean. They are also corrupt. We need fresh faces.


•    We Nagas we keep shouting and shouting and we keep threatening to protest. But this does not go far because we compromise. This will never defeat corruption. Yes. We need a strong anti-corruption party in Nagaland. It should be like what AAP did in Delhi.


•    Yes. This is the option left for Nagaland called Christian State.


•    Yes, anti-corruption political party like AAP is the need of the hour in a state like Nagaland to clean up the past and present corruption. In my opinion, this anti-corruption political party member should not include the present 60MLAs, no Ex-MLA, no political party high ranking office bearers past and present. This political party includes the age group not older than 45 years.


•    Yes all the major political parties have failed the people. This is the right time for change. Who is going to lead us?


•    Yes this is the need of the hour. But will the public – the common voter – defy the politician and vote for a politician who is best suited for the people. The voter must not sell his vote.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say
•    No as long as we are following the political system of India. Corruption started when Naga Hills was merged with India. Otherwise Nagas were honest. Look at the situation all over the world. Even in developed countries. Name any scam or corruption and there is an Indian involved. It has become so deep rooted that even if there is a honest Leadership there are lots more among the followers who are not clean. On the top of that Churches and church leaders does not condemn corruption. Rather, they encourage them to rob and donate to church or individual coffers. A glaring example is Aam Admi party. No matter, how much Kejriwal shout from the rooftop against corruption, still you find corrupted leaders from his party being exposed every day.


•    No. Power corrupts. No political party or any entity for that matter can ever clean up corruption as long as tribalism continue to be on the front. But we can minimize it and we must. Quality education is the long term panacea and the base. And of course, to fight it one has to make a sacrifice.


•    No. It will not matter because corruption in this state is being deliberately supported because India knows that the only way of destroying Nagas is through corruption.


•    No. Political system wouldn’t able to clean, but social system need to change since new political party will be all Nagas in Nagaland where there is article 371(A) and factionalism hampers all progress and development.


•    No. with time this anti corruption political party too will be corrupted cause the smell of the money is too addictive!!!


•    There is no such thing as anti corruption political party. So it’s a big no.


•    Everything is possible but may be not in this, so NO


•    I say No because it is premature. Which alternative political party is there worth its name? Even those fighting against corruption are pseudo-groups who are also as corrupted. Instead of new party, we should elect good clean leaders.


•    No. The system must change first. Do you think any candidate or political party can win without corrupt and unfair means? It’s also the voters who are corrupt.


•    No, not at all. I don’t trust in any political party, even anti-corruption party to clean up the system in Nagaland State. Only a benevolent dictator backed by visionary God-fearing leaders can clean up Nagaland’s corrupt system.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say
•    In theory it’s a good idea. But we do not have any people that are actually clean of corruption. We live in a corrupt society and everyone is part of that corruption.


•    I would prefer President Rule for a period of time under financial emergency (mismanagement) for a period of time to get the system of accountability and governance back on track…then a cleaner election could be possible. During the PR the right thinking people could motivate the public to go clean and elect better leaders. There is no government anyways everything has fallen apart.


•    I don’t expect a miracle change overnight but we can certainly bring about changes in our land. The present Naga leaders are definitely corrupted and they don’t have any concern for the people’s problem. They don’t have any vision for the Nagas except for themselves. They are not worthy to be called as our leaders as they are occupying the seat of power only through corrupt practices. So what good things we can expect from such kind of people? Nothing. We can have change by rejecting the present so called leaders and elect a new group of people who are anti corrupt practices and genuinely concerned for the welfare of our people and our land. We are ashamed of our present leaders. Let us throw away the existing system of the messy corrupt practices in our society. Let’s get ourselves prepared for Election 2018 and empower a new generation to lead the Nagas.


•    This is not a good time yet. Nagas are already too divided with too many new organizations. It will lead to more confusion.

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