Mind the gap

Redeemson Raleng

Dear citizens of Dimapur let us not ignore the fact that during this transitional stage our government is also trying their best to keep the traffic congestion at minimum for our conveniences so, why not we also try to use our so-called uncommon ‘common sense’ while we park our fancy cars by mining the gap and leave a little space for the next car to squeeze in as we don’t have the luxury to get a parking space most of the time unless the lady luck smiles on me on rare occasions. I mean come on! We all have better things to do than to end up wasting our time and gas by hovering around the market and join the chaotic jam just for a quick stopover mainly in the market areas like Nyamo Lotha Road and City Tower. Imagining all the inconveniences why not we all spare a few seconds to check the space while parking to accommodate even a single car that may be of great help to someone especially in times of an emergency or that can even bring a smile on someone’s face.