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Miss Kohima 2019 to empower girl education

Miss Kohima 2019 to empower girl education

Miss Kohima 2019 contest will take place on October 5 with the theme ‘Educate a girl, empower a society’ at Regional Centre of Excellence for Music & Performing Arts (RCEMPA) Jotsoma under the aegis of Agathos Society.
“We are passionate in promoting young ladies and youths in general,” said Agathos Society CEO Kevizenuo Dozo Kikhi while addressing a press conference here today at D’Café.

She said the winners will get the chance to do charity works and other social causes. She said that sensitizing the society on various social issues is the core aim of Agathos Society, adding that the Society has come together to support girl’s education this year.

Theja Sekhose said the main audition will be held on September 14 at LCS Building, Kohima from 10:30 AM.
After that, vigorous training will take place for a week from September 30 to October 4 to groom the contestants on personality development and various skills.

Sekhose said the main show will feature three rounds- traditional round, designer round and evening round.
Nenya Kath Liezietsu informed that 40 contestants turned out for the campus auditions, out of which 25 were selected to go forward to the main audition, scheduled for September 14.   

The panel of judges for the show will includes; Ketholeno Kense, Lanula Kronu and Dinesh Kumar, IAS.
Zeneinuo Dozo informed that Photoshoot is scheduled on September 21.

It will be choreographed under the expertise of Theja Sekhose. Shahilo Kent will be the photographer.
Ayula Imchen said the criteria to be part of the contest is 18-25 years and height at 5’5 and above.

“People mostly focus on the physical beauty part but it is beyond that. It encourages women to value self-worth to install self esteem, confidence, courage and step out of one’s comfort zone,” Imchen said.

She said the girls who participate in these contest turns out to be responsible young women who engage in activities that builds the society.

Beauty pageants have a huge impact on women empowerment because it gives a platform for girls to be in different levels and most importantly it places them in leadership and mentorship roles, she added.

The show officials will comprises; official designer - Ratholu Rose Puro,  Official Photographer-Shahilo Kent, Official Makeup-artist: Lomi Shikhu, Official Choreographer and Show Director-Theja Sekhose, Performing artists- Saronthung Kikon, Ketoseno Thami and Moko Koza.
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