Mobile Internet Block: Youngsters make beeline to Assam to browse

Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 11


Social media savvy youngsters from Nagaland are travelling all the way to neighboring Assam to browse the net and update on their virtual life.


With the mobile internet and SMS blocked by the State Government due to tension over the ULB election, many youngsters from Dimapur who think and breathe with social networking are making a beeline to Bokajan and Khat Khati, the nearest towns in Assam from Dimapur.


With the virtual life brought to a halt due to the block on mobile internet, youngsters and old alike dependent on technology are feeling jittery because of the inaccessibility.


Aseo, an engineering student residing in Burma Camp says he along with his friends usually takes an auto to Bokajan in the morning, halt by a teashop or at the Bokajan train station and spend the day browsing the social networking sites, download songs and movies.


“After hanging out the day, we catch a 4pm train to return to Dimapur in the evening,” Aseo informed. According to the engineering student, they are not the only ones who go to Assam to fiddle with their mobiles. “We thought we were the only ones. However, we were surprised to see a lot of others like us hanging out there just to browse on the net.


In this age of technology, where youngsters are dependent on social media to exist, it comes as no surprise on the extent they will go to get in to social networking and catch up with their online friends.


“I have a friend who pedals daily to the nearby Assam on a cycle to get the network, chat on social networking sites and return,” Aseo also revealed.


While the inconvenience caused to those active on social media or online gamers may sound trivial, there are many who are dependent on mobile business and online transactions.


Even the banking institutions in the State are not happy on how both the banks as well as customers face several hardships due to the data and SMS block. Local entrepreneurs and small businesses have also been hit hard since they rely on wireless POS transactions and for business networking.