Mokokchung Electrical Division staffs clarify

Mokokchung, December 6 (MExN): The staff (covering all ministerial and field workers) of Mokokchung Electrical Division today clarified that the press statement of electricity bill arrears (without emphasizing on pre & post communitisation) issued by the office of the Chief Engineer (Power) D&R was published in the local media recently without prior information or knowledge of the Division.


“The arrear figures so projected were based on the mandatory Monthly Revenue Assessment data submitted to the Head Office by all the Electrical Divisions under the Department,” stated a rejoinder issued by Temjensangba, SDO, Electrical Sub-Division, Mokokchung on behalf of the staff of Mokokchung Electrical Division.


The Executive Engineer of the district having learnt that the arrears were not projected in the proper perspective issued a clarification in the local media in the interest of the public, UEMB and VEMB, it stated, adding the record of the pre-communitisation and post-communitisation arrear figures can be duly verified in the Sub-Divisional (P) office.


In the light of the Executive Engineer’s clarification, the staff of Mokokchung Electrical Division said they find no reason whatsoever for him to be summoned by All Ward Union Mokokchung.


“We unwaveringly support the press statement of our Executive Engineer and we will continue to extend all possible help to him as he tries his best, sometimes even beyond the call of duty, to provide efficient power supply to our esteemed consumers,” the rejoinder added.


Thus, in the larger interest of the residents of Mokokchung Town and the people of the district in general, the staff of Mokokchung Electrical Division requested the All Ward Union Mokokchung to withdraw the summon notice immediately.