Do you agree that Elections in Nagaland State has become a spiritual issue?

Do you agree that Elections in Nagaland State has become a spiritual issue?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, it has. Selling vote, liquor flowing like river, proxy, booth capturing, violence and killing is neither politics nor economics. Especially selling vote is selling one’s soul hence ‘sin’ of the highest nature. It is the most detestable, demeaning and unscrupulous act both on the part of the candidates and voters.

• Yes. The Bible says so (Deuteronomy 17:14-20; Hosea 8:4)

• Yes. Bible explicitly says spirituality not just confines about eating/dressing code but more on morality/ethnical way of life. does naga Christians (voters & candidates) moral code of conduct is acceptable in the sight of human & creator? Nagas need to know spirituality in higher degree thus election in Nagaland is one form of evil/Satan that devalued Jesus’s teaching that Christian need to put the armour of God.

• It should become a spiritual issue. We keep saying that Nagaland is a Christian state. Everything changes when it is election time. Even the deacon members and pastors are heaving into politics. All kinds of unchristian behavior is exhibited during the election time. This is why I agree that election is a spiritual issue.

• Yes. Believers are selling their votes for the corrupted politician/leader.

• Yes. when you look at all the evil that comes with elections in our state, it must be said that it has become a spiritual issue. Unless there is spiritual renewal and the cleansing of the heart, elections in our state will only spell more woes.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No no election is not a spiritual issue … the thing we need to know is the election in Nagaland is corrupted and we as a Christian need to check it. That’s it.

• Not at all. The spate of proxy voting, violence and all kinds of illegal activities clearly show that it is not a spiritual issue.

• Is it? But in what sense? Granted that all election campaign start with the usual prayers seeking guidance and help from the almighty with the local pastors/deacons etc. then start free flow of drinks, drugs and money. Fighting and bashing without mercy among the rival groups etc. All are men/women of spirit not spiritual. Election is the greatest destroyer of spirituality in Nagaland.

• No. We all know that election is a constitutional and secular procedure to elect a leader. We cannot say that it is a secular issue. But the voter should exercise his adult franchise with integrity. This is the problem in Nagaland since the voter does not exercise his adult franchise with responsibility.

• No. It’s about an individual’s consciousness about our rights. If you sell your right to choose a representative for Rs 500 or Rs 1000 or more, who are you going to blame for corruption and abuse of power? Your own fingers are pointing at you!! It’s simply about proper use of your right to choose a good candidate.



Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

• Whether one is spiritual or not, Christian or not, it should not matter. It is about being honest and voting for the right person with integrity. I dont understand why Nagas are so obsessive about religion and spirituality on each and every thing.

• For those who are spiritual, its a spiritual issue. For those who are not spiritual it can only be in the level of moral issue.