10 digital skills students need for today’s education

Beas Dev Ralhan & Divya Jain IANS Technology today has become a new way of living and is entrenched in every facet of modern human life. The internet, mobile phones, computers and various other tools of information management have completely changed the way how people live, learn, interact and work. Youngsters today are already exposed […]

The Golden Generation

That is what a number of people have been calling them: the generation of parents who ushered in the thirties and the forties in our hills. Their number has depleted alarmingly and in the last two years, many of us have felt the shared grief of losing them one after the other, some to long […]

Head to toe dressing guide for every bridesmaid

Head to toe dressing guide for every bridesmaid

IANS There is nothing more exciting for a girl than knowing that her best friends getting married. As excited as you maybe for this momentous celebration, theres no denying that dressing for your best friends wedding is a tricky and dreadful task. However few tips can do the trick.   Nehpreet Kaur- Design and Creative […]

Destination Phek

Phek is plastic free and determined to stay that way. Every alternate Saturday, the routine for the youth organisation in the town is social work and cleaning the town. The townspeople, in turn, help the students by upholding the plastic ban. At the town’s solitary petrol station, there were hoardings proclaiming anti-litter messages such as: […]

Chic ways to style for a sunday brunch

IANS Brunch is usually a casual affair and often we meet friends and family to catch up with them over brunch. Thus, what you wear should be something thats comfortable and also makes you feel good about yourself. Often, men end up either being too formal or casual at brunches but not anymore.   Manjula […]

Educational Extortion in Nagaland

Educational Extortion in Nagaland

GL Khing: FOR PRINCIPALS, STUDENTS & PARENTS:- Selection Exams for Cl. X & XII are over in most of the Schools in Nagaland. I still wonder as to why the Schools have to collect money under numerous reasons or agreement with parents. Eg.: Caution deposit, Coaching fee, Re-exam fee (if failed in 2/3 subjects), etc… […]

Handy shortcuts to cut sugar in festive season

IANS High calorie food in the festive season may be unavoidable, but you can outsmart the temptation by indulging your sweet tooth with a different and healthier form of sugar, suggest experts.   Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija gives some shortcuts: * Sugar, not fat: Not all sweets are born equal. Some, like rasgullah, are high […]

Jobs for Rent: Nagaland Govt Teachers

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: Congrats to all the shameless teachers keeping proxy for putting Nagaland again on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons!   Kaam nakuri kena poisa khai thakia tu paap pabo de!   Teaching especially in Rural areas is a Missionary work! Those are not ready to become missionaries to educate the rural […]

Church and Politics

Kevitho Nightwing Kera: I do not agree to some certain practices of some Churches:   1. ‘Forced donations’ is one. To build a church or to celebrate something, some churches dictate donations in the form of certain percentage of government servants’ salaries are cut say to build a church building. Remember first of all God […]