Jobs for Rent: Nagaland Govt Teachers

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: Congrats to all the shameless teachers keeping proxy for putting Nagaland again on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons!   Kaam nakuri kena poisa khai thakia tu paap pabo de!   Teaching especially in Rural areas is a Missionary work! Those are not ready to become missionaries to educate the rural […]

Church and Politics

Kevitho Nightwing Kera: I do not agree to some certain practices of some Churches:   1. ‘Forced donations’ is one. To build a church or to celebrate something, some churches dictate donations in the form of certain percentage of government servants’ salaries are cut say to build a church building. Remember first of all God […]

Signs of complication during calving

  Veterinary Hospital Kohima Calving time is very important part in a cow life. Negligent of the expected cow by the farmer at the time of calving may sometime result in death of the new born calf or even the cow. The average pregnancy period of a cow is 278 days. Properly record the date […]

Challenges of public transport commuters

Gopan Ameshu Konyak These things may be quite silly but true and very important for our Naga brothers who drive auto and taxi to really ponder upon before going out for work.   I always pay Rs.40 to the non-local auto drivers to reach home from my College (Unity College, Dimapur) to Lengirijan colony. We […]

The double-barrelled words in Tenyidie

I love my mother tongue, and for that matter I love your mother tongue too. I wish I could live multiple lives experiencing the different cultures that each language carries, for language is the biggest carrier of culture. As a student of translation studies, I learnt that that the major problem of translation was cultural […]

FootHill Road

Kevin Yepthomi Naga Even after more than fifty years of statehood, and we are yet to witness good roadways in Nagaland. Right from farmers unable to transport their produce, to patients dying before reaching hospitals, and public spending crores of Rupees in repairing their vehicles damaged by what we call ‘roads’.   It is appreciable […]

Why is Kohima ranked as the 2nd most unlivable city in India?

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon Never too late to improve our beloved city and save our embarrassment through a collaborative effort from all sections of the society… Sorom ase de…   The facade of this beautiful city is getting deteriorated with CGI sheet skyscrapers, huge abandoned half-constructed buildings, endless potholes, piles of garbage, broken footpaths & infinite […]

The Naga male as storyteller

The Naga male as storyteller

Who owns the domain of storytelling? Is it a male activity or a largely female activity? When a research scholar working on the theme of women affected by the AFSPA, tried to interview women in the villages, the scholar was told by the women, ‘You should ask the menfolk. We are women, we do not […]

The virtue of Stubbornness

This may not work at first because we have never looked at stubbornness as a virtue. So that idea will always encounter resistance. It is politically incorrect to be stubborn. The word stubbornness has been used in various cultures in a negative way to describe an undesirable trait in a person. In childhood, to be […]