The Naga male as storyteller

The Naga male as storyteller

Who owns the domain of storytelling? Is it a male activity or a largely female activity? When a research scholar working on the theme of women affected by the AFSPA, tried to interview women in the villages, the scholar was told by the women, ‘You should ask the menfolk. We are women, we do not […]

The virtue of Stubbornness

This may not work at first because we have never looked at stubbornness as a virtue. So that idea will always encounter resistance. It is politically incorrect to be stubborn. The word stubbornness has been used in various cultures in a negative way to describe an undesirable trait in a person. In childhood, to be […]

A touch of humanity!

A touch of humanity!

Bentilo Kath: Today, as usual caught up in the horrendous hour long traffic jam, my car engine got overheated and shut off and just wouldn’t start. I let vehicles go past me in that slow traffic, while I tried repeatedly to get it started, all in vain! Five minutes or so went by, still in […]

Teachers of yesteryear

A few days ago, Aziebu Shaiza sent me a WhatsApp message about the passing on of one of our teachers. Mrs Sulekha Sen had died in Kolkata. It was such a pull from the past, and a sad reminder that we were steadily losing parts of our childhood in these farewells. Mrs Sen was our […]

‘Trafficjam in Kohima’

Meshenlo Kath 1) Greatly effecting our economy by reducing the working efficiency to minimum.   2) Great possibility of patient’s death on their way to hospital.   3) Many more problems… (You know it better what difficulties you face)   Let’s not play the blame game and sort out strategies how to overcome this problem. […]

How marital spats can affect your health

IANS Couples, please take note. Fighting with your spouse may deteriorate your health, a new study has found.   The findings suggest that married people who fight are more likely to suffer from leaky guts — a problem that unleashes bacteria into the blood and can drive up disease-causing inflammation.   “We think that this […]

Cycling can reduce your loneliness, boost mental health

IANS Feeling lonely? Riding your bicycles may not only improve your general and mental health, but also increase social interaction, says a study.   The study showed that cycling is the healthiest mode of transport and is associated with better self-perceived general health, better mental health, greater vitality, lower self-perceived stress and fewer feelings of […]

Civic education can enhance democracy in India

Frank F. Islam IANS   As India approaches Independence Day on August 15, it is an appropriate time to celebrate the past and Indian democracy. It is also a time to contemplate the future and the democracy that India should become. India has the opportunity, the responsibility, and the capacity to be a global beacon […]

The controversy of Naga headgear/Traditional attires

G.L.Khing: Is it necessary for Nagas to transport their traditional headgear and attires upto Delhi to appease someone (as many politicians often do)? Today, we blame Shashi Tharoor for his seemingly negative comment on Naga headgear. But the same blame should be shouldered by the one who gives. It is not necessary to give Naga […]

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