Music and the joy of giving!

Music and the joy of giving!

On Saturday, an incredible evening of live music and entertainment was held at Aiko Greens, Purana Bazar, Dimapur. The crowd was left mesmerized as music ranging from rock to pop, Broadway and classical to impressive original compositions were showcased by talented Naga musicians.


Music and the joy of giving 1
(Manan Aier Photo)


The evening began with a special performance by local musicians Atsaba Rothrong, Aren Longchari, Clement Imsong, Imkumer Jamir, Mangyang, Yanzo Kikon, Lanutemsu and Koramensang Aier.


An amazing lineup of the best artists from Nagaland shared the stage. Nise Meruno, Aren Longchari, Lydia Longchari, Kekhrie Ringa, Renbeni Odyuo, Thunglamo Ngullie, Asin Shurhozelie, Koramensang Aier, Sophia Mozhui, Yanzo Kikon, Lanutemsu Lemtor. The first ballerinas of Nagaland- Milovi Zhimomi, Sophia Mozhui, Vivien Shaw, and Dora Arkha also enthralled the crowd with their graceful movements performing to popular ballet from Swan Lake and King Arthur.


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(Manan Aier Photo)



The concert was also about more than music. All the proceeds raised from the concert are dedicated towards the education of less privileged children living around Supermarket area, Dimapur. This year, 29 children will benefit from The Joy of Giving educational sponsorship program.


This weekend’s concert is a collaborative effort of the Joy of Giving team comprising of young artists, entrepreneurs, social workers, visionaries, and also in association with Hope Centre for Excellence, a premier music institute in Nagaland. The team also stated that the concert would not have been successful without the generous contribution and help from AJ Power, Aiko Greens, Hope Centre for Excellence, Audio Garage, Shiu Lights, Metal Gear, Encore LED, Action Power Line, E.Tenthouse, The Morung Express, Lhoukesau, Rockstar EI Pvt Ltd, The Garden, Atsen Murry Photography, TBC Youth. Gratitude was also given to the contributors and sponsors who have come forward to partner towards the education of the children.



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(Manan Aier Photo)


“It’s so great to be here,” said Temsusenla, a local entrepreneur. “I enjoyed the music and the cause and knowing that it goes back to helping the community you live in.”


A member of The Joy of Giving also stated, “It feels amazing to be a part of the event and work as teammates and as a community. That’s what it’s all about!”


As all the performing artists got together on stage to sing the final song for the night, it was befitting that they chose “There’s A Hero” by Billy Gilman.


The Joy Of Giving for the third time was successful in its endeavour to combine charity, music, and the community!