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‘Mutual understanding the only way forward towards honourable solution’

Dimapur, September 15 (MExN): Newly formed The Naga Rising, which has described itself as a platform of ‘emerging voices’ reflecting the concerns of the present as well as future generations, has issued a public statement on the issue of a separate Naga flag and constitution.

According to The Naga Rising, ‘mutual understanding’ is the ‘only way forward towards an honourable solution’.
“At this very important juncture when all substantive issues are believed to have been resolved, barring the question of a separate flag and constitution, The Naga Rising is of the firm belief that India and the Nagas must look to understand each other’s needs and aspirations as the only way forward towards an honourable solution,” the statement issued by the ten signatories informed.

Also pointing out that ‘fighting is no longer a viable option’ at this point of time, The Naga Rising firmly believed that the “objective of the present Indo-Naga peace process should be an agreement, not victory”.

The Naga Rising has also taken the public stand that any solution has to be mutual and agreed by both sides and it cannot be forced upon the other and that “India as the bigger entity cannot impose its will on the Nagas.”

At the same time, The Naga Rising appealed to both the Government of India and the Naga negotiators to explore the full range of possibilities towards a peaceful agreement by exhibiting upmost flexibility and accommodation.

On the Naga flag, the statement argued that the Naga flag continues to invoke pride and resolve among its people and it should be allowed to be used freely and willingly.

“Having negotiated 22 long years for a political settlement with the repeated assurance that it will be honorable, taking away the flag that gives identity and expression of who we are, will be a contradiction of the basis on which the Indo-Naga peace process was build,” it stated.

On the issue of constitution, The Naga Rising took the line that, a separate Naga constitution will define the new set of arrangement between India and the Nagas and will in fact help in providing clarity and purpose to implement the provision of the accord without any dispute and misunderstanding.

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