‘My Dreams for the Youths’

‘My Dreams for the Youths’

Ningtoulung Gangmei, BBA 2nd Semester

If we invite history for a cup of tea to converse, we learn that those folks were run by customs and practices so deep rooted that they practiced the superiorities by keeping their lives on the line.

The men were warriors full of principles, dignity and a willingness to sacrifice for his people. It was a time where drinks were for relaxation and not for destruction. The maidens maintained integrity and honoured their reputation above all. It was also a time when love meant commitment and respect.

As the cups run dry, we notice our smile dropping steadily. Now we notice that boys pretend to be men drinking their soul apart from their body with cheap alcohol.

There was a time when we waited for our fathers to return from hunting, but now we see children and mothers waiting for there turn of the father from an aunty’s alcohol nook.

Energetic boys, with the potential to achieve any dream they want, are sluggishly wasting their time away due to the use of intoxicants. In every celebration, be it picnic, party, birthday etc. intoxicants are a must for them. They decide whether they will go or not based on availability of alcohols. They have lost the ability to differentiate between what is fun and what is bad. Their desperateness to have a sip, from the bottle makes them victim of broken dreams while the gentlemanly behavior of respecting a woman is lost in the process. That is how the phrase, “All the men are same”came into being. And this is why we are unable to create a safe environment for our women, thus they begin to fight for what is inherently theirs, “Freedom”.

Also, these days chewing of tobacco is widely seen among young girls. With mouthful of tobacco they talk to their elders, teachers in school/college, and public places so confidently, I wonder if that same confidence is displayed elsewhere in a positive manner. Secondly, it’s scarier to see how girls are also becoming the victims of bad habits. It is becoming fashionable even, for some say” he was rocking a cigarette”, as if it was good thing!

My youth! Searching for qualities of men and women seen in the movies, and trying one’s best to imitate them is both immature and impractical.

There are also lots of rising statements made by the youth/students, who wishes to enhance the education system. Various opinions, requests and suggestions for the system are being witnessed. But with no intention for offences, while we are in college many are only interested in relationships, remembering whose birthday will be next from our friends list, waiting desperately for the treat and bunk classes. Expressing the unsatisfactory sentiments for the college they are in, instead of expressing gratitude. Already dying for a crush, living in fantasy and ultimately leading to disappointment. They indulge in gossiping various personal stories. However, nobody is interested to talk about what’s happening around, commercially, socially and politically. Why are we not interested in things which will help us develop a better version of ourselves and in our profession?

I tried asking seniors and friends about the current trends, Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), but I found no one who was interested to talk about for beautifully they buried my matter. Then I realised there is not much need to ask the system to enhance or reduce the workloads of the students because learning depends on, oneself.

My youth! Sadly it’s time to look back to move forward. How far we have come and how far we should have been developed is not parallel. It is believe, that our potential is caged. Therefore, unleash the power of yourselves for the betterment you and I want to see.

When the dawn of a decade comes in the morning let our efforts introduce us to the world not by our name, but as a nation’s Futurist.

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