‘My thoughts on fighting corruption’

Here’s what the winners of the oratory competition held on 2nd November, organized for class 11 students in collaboration with Airports Authority of India in observation of Vigilance Awareness Week 2018 had to say.


Iziedile (Class 11-Commerce)- Winner  

In recent times, corruption has become a norm in our society. Corruption has blinded our society so much that we now fail to recognize it even when we stand face to face with it. We no longer differentiate between right and wrong.


Corruption is so deeply rooted in our society that even the thought of fighting it is frightening. How then shall we eradicate corruption? How do we start? From whom should we start? Who is responsible for eradicating corruption? The answer to all these questions is you and me. Fighting corruption should start from you and me. You and I together can start the process of eradicating corruption. As members and a citizen of the nation we become responsible for fighting corruption.


We cannot expect our leaders to eradicate corruption just like that. No matter how influential a person might be, he alone cannot eradicate corruption. Every citizen, whether big or small, rich or poor, influential or not, everyone is responsible for the rampant corruption in our society and that is why, every single citizen must play an important role to eradicate corruption and build a new India.


Like they say, “Charity begins at home”. Likewise, “anti-corruption also begins at home”. Home should be the place where you and I learn about the evils of corruption. Home should be the place where you and I learn about integrity. Home should be the place where you and I learn to be honest citizens. Home should be the place where you and I learn to earn with dignity. When you are brought up in a family of integrity and values, you will be a righteous man: a man who says no to backdoor appointments, a man who says no to bribery, a man who says no to nepotism, a man who says no to embezzlements and a man who says no to every form of corruption.


Now you might be thinking how learning these ethics at home will help you eradicate corruption in your society. What can one family do to fight corruption? How will one family eradicate corruption when even the government has been helpless for years? It’s true that one family cannot fight corruption, but when every family is a family of integrity and values, corruption will disappear by itself. There will be no more nepotism, no more bribery, and no more corruption. And that is when a new India will be born.


Yes, to bring changes and to fight against corruption will be a long process and it will take time, but I believe that “the journey of a thousand miles away begins with a single step”.


Maneni A (Class 11-Commerce)-  Runners up 

As we all know that corruption means the abuse of office or power for personal gain; whether be it in the form of money, political powers or leadership. Due to corruption, the gaps between haves and haves not is so huge that where one section of the society acquires riches and wealth; on the other hand, the majority of the masses still remain below the poverty line which increases unemployment and increases crime as well.


If we were to evaluate the causes of corruption, then it will be countless. It also appears that instead of making an effort to put an end to corruption, people who are educated and in good positions are becoming complicit in this evil and are also encouraging it.


And so, in order to fight corruption, we need to have a clear transparency in every sector of work in our country. Transparency is needed in bureaucratic and the governmental functions in order to help the citizens to be aware of what is happening around them and also to gain trust in one another. Transparency is a must in the smooth functioning of anything whether be it for the betterment of the citizens, country or nation as a whole.


Most people have opinions about the government and the services provided to them. To allow the citizens to express their opinions and to help in bringing out a concrete solution to the problems, gathering feedbacks from the citizens becomes necessary. Such feedbacks given by an individual might not seem as meaningful but a collection from hundreds and thousands can really generate the perspective of the government and also have an impact on the services provided.


In my opinion, comics can also play a very powerful way to create awareness against corruption. Through a combination of images and text, comics can also help spark a debate about any issues on corruption. Organizing debate competitions among the institutions can also have a huge impact in fighting corruption.


Last but not the least, in order to fight corruption or to bring any other changes, it all depends on oneself. Our Late President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said that “where there is righteousness in heart, there is beauty in character, where there is beauty in character there is harmony in home, where there is harmony in home, there is order in nation, and when there is order in nation, there is peace in the world”.


So, in conclusion, I would like to say that the foundation against fighting any form of corruption lies within ‘us’. Every individual is important in fighting against corruption. I believe that one should have a strong and good conduct and a good character. Only then the nation will grow and prosper.


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