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The Naga Blog: To all the officials and moral policers posing with IMFL destruction act


Jevito Shohe Sumi
To all those people who pose proudly for the lens along with the caught liquor (IMFL) and publish in newspaper's thinking that you have done something great for the society. You think that you have done good, but its the other way round. You people are a shame to the society.

Reasons as to why you should be ashamed:-

Those people you caught are small fishes trying to make a living.

The Amount of liquor you people caught is just a Little bit of liquor in the ocean of liquor.

If you really want to fight for prohibition Why don't you fight with the Police Department. why don't you question the law keepers as to how truck's and truck's of loaded liquor crossed the check gates.

Why don't you stop and catch those people who are running liquor syndicate and supplying liquor worth crores and crores of rupees all over Nagaland. But in this case instead of catching and stopping the liquor barons and cursing them you pray for them, since they donate huge sum of money to your society and to your church. You pray for their prosperity and thank God for blessing them and you keep on praying for their long life. Hypocrites.

A tree when uprooted from the root will never grow again but if you nip it from the bud, it gives out more branches and grows better. I find it very funny and laughable at the fact that you nip the bud and proudly pose for the lens thinking that you have done something Great.

If you really want liquor prohibition, and want to stop the flow of liquor in Nagaland then fight with the liquor barons, stop the LIQOUR BARONS AND LIQUOR SYNDICATES. But if you cannot do that then stop your show of self righteousness by catching a little amount of liquor of small people. You and your photos looks funny and Nagas are laughing at your face.

The same goes for those people who think that they are doing good for the society by moral policing, Punishing thieves and girls for immortality, parade them naked, make videos of them and viral it. You people are the worse worms of the society. You are a shame. Your show of righteousness sucks.


Boto Sema
This NLTP Act is serving as a thin cover of our Naga's hypocrisy.. High time law makers sit and work out the modalities of this Act. Stop fooling and ruining Nagaland.


Senti Kath
Liquor has become synonymous to NBCC. NBCC played it's role as a pressure group so now its upon the govt to empower its agencies to make sure it is a dry state.


Vekhrope Lasuh
In Kohima everybody knows alcohol is sold in abundance in front of the District jail Gate. But there is no government machinery, no youth, force or any force in Nagaland to take on them. Stop or catch them.


Justin Meyase
And the uncles and aunties who so gloriously post for lens with their seized consignment will go on like, "ek bar para dangor dangor khan ke dhuribo napribo toh, chotu motu khan para shuru kuribo toh na" 
Thus the story continues.......the hypocrisy!!!


Azuki Yem
Need of the hour... The liquor barons are the one who instigate the gullible associations to enforce the liquor prohibition act just so to boon their business. They say scarcity is always a booming business.


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