The Naga Blog Debate - 'Giving Science a relook'

Kate Kizu

With a PhD degree in plant biochemistry and working for a year post PhD in molecular biophysics lab, I couldn't find a decent host institute to apply for a grant at my own homestate. Who is to be blamed? The government or the people or my degree?

Than, I stumbled upon an old news dated back in 2016 published in 'The Telegraph' where it stated the 2015-16 budget allocated Nagaland along with Odissa for opening new Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER). But according to the sources it was told that our abled politicians bargained for School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) stating that the people has no demand for an institute like IISER. While, today IISER at Behrampur, Odissa is full functional with one of the best scientists in the country.

Many from science background will be aware that IISERs in India is now one of the most funded and challenging institutes besides IIT, TIFR and CSIR. This institutes provides quality education with courses like Integrated MSc, Integrated PhD along with institutional post doctoral fellowship in biological, chemical and physical background which fare better than the other institutions.

Creating such a platform in our state where science still remains classical will be a boom to the future generations.

It is best if issues like this are brought out to the light and we voice out together for our rights.

I have just penned down my thoughts about what I have gone through thinking of relocating to Nagaland.

BTW we still didn't get what our politicians bargained too i.e. SPA!


  1. No offence to the eminent scientists and scholars. Please do not take it personally.
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Hormi Mecadon

Well said. Some IISSERs such as those in Kolkata, Bhopal are at par with many IITs or even better than many IITs. Govt must seriously think about proper functioning of IISER or even should bargain for NISER too.

Temsuzulu Walling
We cannot even maintain a decent road in the capital. Talk about IISER.

I pity you and many others like you. I'm employed outside our state and have been left red faced many a times bcos of the pathetic situation in our state as regards to educational facilities and infrastructure.

Akuzo Lohe

When I was in class 9 I met one professor from IISER Pune, he told me if am interested I should try for IISER and that the same was proposed to be open in Nagaland. He told me I will get the best opportunity once I completed my 12 to join IISER in my home state, sadly it didn't till now.

Our Nagaland government never think of our youth.

Seriously when it comes to scientific research IISERs are way ahead of many reputed IITs.

Anyway. All the best to you, sister. Whatever the problems may be, find your way and get it.

Moa Jamir

Nagaland? I don't know what's wrong with us. If one does digging meticulously the central schemes, programs initiatives etc ever since the inception of Nagaland, one may find myriads of hidden mystery that has became a ghost development and progress. Really felt sorry dear sister and thanks for enlightening.

Mazie Nakhro
That's revealing!

Let alone funding opportunities, science is key to our growth and development.

Time for our younger, educated generation to lead.

Wungtei Buchem

I pity those politicians and persons responsible to have concealed/snatched/sucked away the money for themselves. Such people can have no place in the political-societies of the first world countries. Can Kate Kizu speak this out in the state Assembly? Shall I too bring one such instance from my experience? Can someone come out with something similar? Can we all ensemble to voice out? All talk on fact basis. Should we not?

Dr Whiso Kezhak

In Nagaland, we are still in the music n entertainment phase….don't really know what follows but forget scientific research n development; -) I was excited too, when I heard years ago that iiser was coming to Nagaland but I guess our system is not ready for it!! BTW, where, then is the School of Architecture!!??

Visietsolie Vupru

Probably still in planning stage…..the SPA. This sorry state is a result of pathetic vision less, small minded, selfish, money greedy, power mongering politicians. Their only interest seems to lie in what they can get from the government and not what they can give to the people. To them it probably makes no difference what institute comes as long as they can take a share of the funding. No wonder the proposed medical college is dying a slow death and unable to progress for lack of funds.

Michael Heneise

Give the Kohima Institute another year or so, and we will be heading into the natural sciences. We have felt the same way about postgraduate level social sciences and have made significant inroads. Waiting for policy makers to do it is like the famous play 'Waiting for Godot'

Asangba Iniesta

One of those rare moment when this blog talks about science, rather than so called talents like fashion, music etc. I'm so much in love with this post. I do remember this IISER story. Nagaland was to have it, and I was so happy about it, to the extent of bragging about it in front of my Meitei friends. Compared with Manipur, we are so behind in terms of STEM education.
They have these:

  1. 2 Medical Colleges.
  2. 1 Central Agricultural University
  3. 2 Engineering Colleges
  4. 1 Technical University.
  5. 1 IIIT.
    Nagaland, why so poor?