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The Naga Blog: An honest scholarship 


H Mosohrü Enah

The Bible is never wrong in saying "For the love of money is the root of all evil..." (1Tim6:10).

Humankind will do anything everything to get money be it to sell off their rights, freedom, body, prestige and the list goes on not bothering whether it's of legal means or illegal means. This is so prevalent in our society in fact we're first in such stuffs and one of the finest example is ST scholarship for Post-Matric students. According to the Govt. of India one can apply only if one's parent's income is lesser than 2.50 lakh annually. But many people whose parents' income is much above it wants to ignore and overlook that condition. Well it seems that students studying in prestigious colleges with high tuition fees, attending classes with luxurious bikes and cars are also from that category. Their parents earn just a meagre amount of 2.50lakh and below annually, yet they could afford all those facilities, wow! what a skill in financial management? All those financial institutions in India should be ready to hire those parents.

The amount of Post-Matric scholarship especially for general (course) students is just between 10-20k. and the wards of those highly decorated officers and entrepreneurs or businessmen, landlords are ready to become the children of poor men all of sudden just for these few thousands of rupees. The parents are attending offices in luxurious cars sitting on a hot chair in their offices earning above 50-60k and above per month but just for the sake of those 10-20k of scholarship their became so humble ready to be poor and apply income certificate as below 2.50lakh which might be lil more than two months' salary and so also does the children of entrepreneurs, businessmen and landlords. Their parents occupations suddenly changes and mostly become cultivators and I doubt whether they've stepped into fields even once in their lifetime?

Remember you've such a big greed just for these few amount of rupees and so you've not bothered to lie and apply though you are not eligible for it. Then way do you/we talked about people being corrupted? Why do we preach to sweep away the corruptions from our society? Why do you hold big placards shouting with that big mouth to do away with corruption when you yourself/selves is/are being so corrupted? Why be hypocrites like those Pharisees? Imagine when you can't be honest for this small amount how can you expect the other to be honest when they are in charge of lakhs and crores of rupees? I am not saying they (the corrupted officials) are right, I strongly condemn corruption in any form. Why do you justify yours is right and others is wrong? Why feel offended and refuse to accept that you're not eligible but complain the govt. for their corruptness? If you think that every ST student is eligible for this particular scholarship then try giving the actual occupation and annual income of your parents. Then that will give you the finest prove. You and I can speak out against social evil and corruptions only when you live with honesty and integrity. Let's not live a life of Pharisees, but be honest and sincere ourselves and teach other to be honest as well. You and I might be able to lie and fool the whole world but not with God, and integrity is all about between oneself and God.


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