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The Naga Blog: Importance of Infrastructure for a Harmonious Teaching-Learning Process


Tali M Sashi Jamir

Enough praises have been showered on the teachers, and their achievements acknowledged. Now, let's get back to the other side of the coin of teaching-learning process, I.e. the students and their basic needs.

To begin with, to construct or build a house, we would need materials such as sand, cement, rod, boulders as well as stone chips and of course, few good masons! For a house to withstand any natural as well as man made calamities or disasters, the 'foundation' must be perfect and intact. Moreover, for the house to shelter people, it must be completed with equally perfect furniture and the likes. Likewise, a student is like the house that needs to be built and the masons are the teachers who are responsible for building and shaping the former. The materials are like the books, pens, desks and benches, etc. The foundation is like everything that is required for a student/school, like infrastructures, starting from a well maintained school building, potable water facility, sanitation, equipment’s for cocurricular activities like games and sports, and other modern facilities such as computers, the internet, etc. All these are not just important but necessities for an all round and harmonious development of a student.

Enough blames have also been put upon the government teachers, starting from their irregularities, to keeping below par proxy teachers. We even went to the extent of questioning them, as to why they would not send their own children to public schools, where they teach. Without denying those shortcomings on their part, we should also start questioning the infrastructure and facilities that are provided by the government to these public schools. Compare and contrast between the facilities that are available in private run schools and government run schools. Both these have well qualified and educated teachers. Almost, same syllabus and teaching methods. However, what sets them apart is that, private schools have more to offer in terms of facilities (already mentioned above) than the government schools. The school building itself is quite contradictory! For instance, you will seldom see a private school without proper maintenance, cleanliness and sanitary facilities like separate toilets for boys and girls, clean drinking water, etc. However, most often than not, we see government schools that don't look like school buildings at all but ruins of some ancient Harappan Civilization blocks: broken doors and window panes, cracked walls, no proper fencing, no cleanliness, lack of sanitary facilities, etc. There are even instances of dismissing classes because of rain and water seepages!

Nonetheless, we are still not sure if the fault is with the government that doesn't provide enough funds or with the public leaders (including middlemen and contractors) who siphon off the funds to fill their own coffers. Howsoever, it is us, the so called layman, the children, their parents and the victims of such a corrupt system, who are at fault for being lackadaisical, mere spectators, and not being vigilant. We must start raising our voice and act against this corrupt system. Don't go where the majority goes. Follow the truth and not the majority. Let's stop saying, "enika hi ahise enika hi jabo..." (Always been like this...will go on like this...). That pessimistic attitude would never take us forward.

"There are less truth seekers and truth than liars and lies today but less doesn't mean wrong. Stand with the truth you will never stumble. Even if you stumbled you will get up again...and even stronger."

"Enika ahise hoilibe thik nahui...rasta sitha kurewo lagey." (We have been like this but this is not right ...we should straighten our way.) Let us be optimistic and be the torch bearers of truth and the change that we long for so much.


To all UG & PG students applying for post matric Scholarship

Rejulong C Lemtur

When you and I are literate enough to read and understand English, how hard is it for us to fill up the online scholarship form by yourself. Why are you dependent on some one sitting in a cafe to do your job for filling up the scholarship form. If you can't fill up your own scholarship form then dear, you don't deserve that money. Seriously I might sound harsh but either you are too lazy to fill up the form yourself or you are not literate enough to handle your own shit.

Don't make others rich coz of your ignorance and lethargy.

(If your excuse is that you don't own a personal computer or laptop then pay 50 bucks for an hour in the cafe and fill up that damn form yourself. And for Students living in and around 4th mile to Chumu area, I recently saw a notary public office inside the newly constructed complex in green Park Junction,5th mile Dimapur so if you need income certificate, I hope the officer sitting there can assist you.)


Ponphyamo R Kikon

Rightly said. Our present generation students only know how to play games, browse media. Too lazy to open their search Google to even get extra benefits without experiences we never learn anything ..


Khomba W

I believe this is a little harsh at many levels. There are a lot of students who don't know how to operate computer. I did not know how to turn on the computer till Class XII, because well, govt schools do not provide computer classes/subjects.

Also, even if one knows how to operate computer, most of the UG/PG students would still prefer to avail the service of seniors or cafe owners where such works are done in bulk, what it they fill up wrong, they would end up with their scholarship dreams. They just lack the confidence. They are growing up, not grown ups like us.

I understand your concern but please be aware of the fact that a lot many students do not actually know how to fill up forms online. Laziness could be one of the reasons, not just the only reason.


Jon Longchar

Because even the about the graduate does not have faith in their own knowledge and skill to even fill a form. And yes very truly said pm. If anyone's feelings is hurt by this post then think again why you get hurt with truth!!


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