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The Naga Blog: The three phases of the Naga political solution - A pragmatic perspective


Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon

As I saw Muivah board the same flight to Delhi, thoughts started coming to my head on what if I was in his shoes today... With the growing insurmountable pressure from multiple stakeholders, the decision he takes in Delhi can either place him on the right or wrong side of history. The best that all Nagas like you and me can do, is pray that wisdom and pragmatism prevails over emotions at this most critical juncture of our history to usher a new era of peace, progress, harmony and prosperity for our people! Even if we do not wish to accept, Nagas in reality are currently divided into three major blocs - Eastern bloc, Central bloc and Southern bloc.

The three phases of the Naga political solution

PHASE 1 - Autonomous Naga blocs integrated by Pan-Naga Cultural body
Phase 1 of the Naga solution can reflect this ground reality to minimize conflict by having either 3 autonomous regions, or 1 state + 2 Union Territories or 3 separate states for the sake of providing more autonomy in decision making of each bloc in areas of development, administration, education, healthcare and land use. This doesn’t mean disintegration of Nagas but rather a means to provide more autonomy to each bloc who will be responsible to develop their own blocs.

These three blocs can be integrated together by a Pan-Naga organisation whose authority will be limited to cultural aspects of Nagas during this first phase.

PHASE 2 - Pan Naga Political body
Phase 2 of the Naga solution can be the realisation of the pan-Naga integration beyond cultural aspects and towards political integration by way of architecting a confederate political structure once we have the capability and wisdom to rationalise our customary laws and converge each village/tribal republic and fit them into a integrated pan-Naga political confederation.

PHASE 3 Pan Naga Government Treasury
Phase 3 of the Naga solution can be the roadmap towards becoming less dependent economically on the Indian tax payers to feed us so that we can judiciously utilize our resources - both human resource and natural resources towards developing feasible and viable industries which can generate surplus revenue to enable us to establish our own pan-Naga Government Treasury which will provide Nagas the confidence towards achieving self reliance and economic independence to empower our people and stand on our own feet without having to depend on others for our livelihood.


Moa Imchen

Striking fearsome is if the Peace Pact is signed with GOI by Muivah & Co keeping integration of ancestral homelands of Nagas pending to be decided in later years and small State of Nagaland becoming a free staying centre of all. If this ridiculous arrangement is to be done then it won't be Honourable to the Nagas as such unacceptable. Other niceties evaluated in the write up are all practically possible and workable interests.
They are talking about separate Constitution yes good enough. But if the GOI Accord Nagaland State Legislative Assembly power to legislate and make laws in Art.371A the legally it will be as good as having our own Constitution. Legally speaking Constitution meant not only set of rules but it creates rights, duties, obligations and responsibilities apart from fixing penalties for its violations. If the Nagaland State can do it by themselves a separate Constitution does not make any sense in the legal realm. 


Dailord Pao

If all the Nagas in the present state of Nagaland in the present state of Manipur in the present state of Assam in the present state of Arunachal Pradesh are separately betrothed with autonomy and arrange in such a way that their coming together like the present Naga HOHO or the pan Naga (cultural) aspect is strictly restricted so that the United voice is weakened. I believe even a pauper will not leave his historical or ancestral domain for anything. That is why the sacrifices so far.


Soreingam Kashung

It is the 7 NNPGs going for another sell out. They just can't think beyond the Nagas of Nagaland. They have stated that they are ready for solution without separate flag and Constitution meaning solution within the constitutions of India.

Today, I want to question all those who were making hue and crying about shared sovereignty and calling a sell out and that they will not settle for anything less than absolute sovereignty. How long has the public been taken for a ride with their pseudo nationalism? How can they talk about laying down arms and say that it will now be through democratic voice of the Naga to decide the future? If democratic voice was the solution was the plebiscite of 1951 not a proof enough that you took up arms?


Mhademo Shitiri

It should be solution or no solution in my opinion... Nagas can never wait for final settlement for another 50 years process... cultural integration amongst Naga society is in existence and any kind of solution sooner or later without territorial integration of Naga ancestral land will never be called honourable or acceptable solution.


Niken Pur

If present Nagaland cease to exist, it will be another 16 point agreement. Will the Nagas of Nagaland keep silent ? Will the GOI and IM together tame the Nagas of Nagaland ? Will you, will I keep silent?


Ithika C. Swu

The question is at what cost or alternate arrangements will the present state of Nagaland cease to exist? Those arrangements has to be made public and deliberated upon before any such agreement is arrived at. If present Nagaland state cease to exist for the betterment of Nagas then I don't think Nagas of Nagaland will oppose it


Neisetsu Kepfoh

Naga solution cannot be solved within Indian constitution. More than Half of our Nagas are under Myanmar. Can the government of India settled the right and self determination of our Nagas living under Myanmar Govt.? If we are truly fighting for sovereign Nagas. It should be through bilateral talk of India and Myanmar.


Peter Naga

PHASE 1 will be the end of the fight for Naga sovereignty. It is impossible for 3 states to come together as 1 after they have been formed. It has never happened in India's history and is foolish to think that the people in power in 3 states will agree to merge as 1. This is about dividing and ruling and disbanding the freedom fighters. If the Nagas from other states can be separated to form another state, why can't they do it without breaking the state of Nagaland?


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