The Naga Catch-22 – Life or Death? On protest against NIA

The Naga Catch-22 – Life or Death? On protest against NIA

Yanpvuo Kikon: Isn’t it moronic and ironic how instead of catching the extortionists, they are making a scapegoat out of those victims of extortion who choose life over death?


If those from Central Govt don’t arrest the culprit but instead arrest the victim, then isn’t the investigating agency indirectly encouraging the rest to join the UGs? Since this shows that UGs are immune & free to roam around with guns and do as they wish? What’s the logic in this?


We Nagas must know that we live in a world surrounded by very crooked scheming people who will take undue advantage of our simple mindedness. Unless we really unite together, step out of our comfort zones and seriously start voicing out our rights and fight for our common future by leaving aside our petty differences, this is just the beginning of worse to come.


Nagaland has already gone to the dogs; both the overground and underground are ruled with a major bunch of them being the worst crooks who are public leaders only by name and these corrupted leaders are in the game for their selfish agendas.
The rest of our people who chose to stay silent under oppression by crooks are now turned into massive scapegoats. Enough is enough! The Silent Majority must rise up now and take this opportunity to rescue our State from the scums that have taken control and destroying our future!


Imti Jamir: For a change, just for one financial year let the GOI appoint new DDOs/HODs on deputation from Central Services who are non-Nagas and without police protection.


LansoYanthan: I know it seems far-fetched, but wouldn’t it be better if the whole 1.3 lakh Govt employees came to an agreement to stop paying their 24% tax once and for all? I’m sure the NNPGs will also have to stop and think about what they’re going to do if that happens.


Govt employees stay quiet when private entrepreneurs are suffering and private entrepreneurs stay quiet when Govt employees suffer. We should all just come under one banner and stop paying taxes once and for all. However, I don’t know what our state Govt is doing to be honest. Once again since time immemorial, they have decided to stay quiet on all these issues. Really it is such a frustrating time to be a Naga. My prayer goes out to all those involved in such rallies. May sense prevail before it’s too late.


Ozk Ben Naga: Why is that investigation agency cannot stretch their hand beyond Directors or cashiers. Does their system of law prohibit them to investigate the ministers who are the real corrupted ones?


Dignity of Labour will replace illegal immigrant labours


Peter Rutsa: It is not about chasing illegal migrants. It’s all about being ready to do their work. Replacing them. Here at Ukhrul almost all mechanics are Tangkhuls and local Nagas.


(A young Tangkhul Mechanic tuned my motorcycle in Ukhrul)


Adus Chuzo: I can also say all vehicle mechanics and woodwork carpenters in Phek town are well known locals too, but majority of menial workers are non locals. Once we shed our pride and take up the trade of barbers, cobblers, tailors, mason workers and coolies, we will see very few of them around.


Atso Naga: With more than 70k plus unemployed graduates in Nagaland, I mean seriously our people should start working on all kind of job sector. Dignity of work and labour should be applied without ego problems. The more educated work as a force we can build our state to next level.