Naga Entrepreneurs Conclave

Naga Entrepreneurs Conclave
Visitors seen at one of the stalls at Urban Haat Dimapur on November 17. (Morung Photo)


Promoting local products and accelerating ideas


Morung Express News
Dimapur | November 17


A two-day Naga Entrepreneurs Conclave (NEC) aiming at promoting local products and accelerating ideas for entrepreneurship got underway at Urban Haat, Dimapur on November 17.


The stalls are occupied by local entrepreneurs selling and showcasing only local products. Addressing an interaction session with students and local entrepreneurs, NE8X CEO Roy Riddhinil from Guwahati asserted that although government jobs gave a sense of security, it did not provide room for expansion of ideas.


“For entrepreneurship there is no physical liability and it can design solution. Northeast region talks about problems but do not design solutions and this solution can be created by us when we make entrepreneurship part of our career,” he added.


Officials from different private banks in Dimapur also pointed out that the northeast region lacked in private enterprise especially local entrepreneurs. They encouraged promotion of local produce and expanding their products beyond the state.


The Conclave is being supported by Dimapur Municipal Council and Business Association of Nagas under the tagline “Support Local.”