Naga International Trade Centers Association launched

Naga International Trade Centers Association launched
Namri Nchang declaring the launch of NITCA in Kohima on July 12. (Morung Photo)


Our Correspondent
Kohima | July 12


Naga International Trade Centers Association (NITCA) was formally launched here today.


NITCA president Augustine stated that the Nagas and its territory in India and Myanmar mostly untouched and unknown to the world has suffered badly with under-development both in terms of physical infrastructures and in the concept of understanding on how business can help in improving the overall economy of the region.


With the aim to facilitate businesses and various other economic development agency in the region, and for the region, there is an urgent need to form a centralize facilitate body/platform, he said.


The NITCA is a non- government, no-for- profit organization to stimulate global trade and investment opportunities both in Naga areas and globally.


The Association will work on promotion, marketing, investment and in formulating plans, policies ad roadmap in the sectors of tourism, education, technology, mining, manufacturing, finance, power and energy, petroleum and gas, agriculture, handicrafts, textile, construction and property development, research and development innovation, economic development agency and on international trade and development.


The Association will focus and function in all Naga territories irrespective of the division created by international boundary to be governed and managed by NITCA.


Declaring the launch of NITCA, Namri Nchang, advisor for the Irrigation and Flood Control (IFC) said “NITCA as I understood has a right vision and strategy that which will benefit all of us particularly to all the Nagas both in India and Myanmar.


He said a platform like NITCA is the need of the hour where various businesses in the region can create a relationship platform to create a better economic development with understanding in the region.


He also believed that the newly launched Association will be the right platform to create awareness for economic growth in our society and can build a strong relationship with the rest of the world.


NITCA Mission
The Mission of NITCA is to serves as a ‘local and international ecosystem’ of global connections, development and integrated trade service under a centralize umbrella platform of NITCA to channelize projects, investments, and products under an appropriate system/process channel.
The Association will enable Naga business, business owners and entrepreneurs to:
• Share professional, business experiences and expertise platform
• To encourage and create innovation incubators
• Conduct national and international business conferences/seminar
• To establish trade /business network domestically and globally
• Business and enterprises growth support in the form of investment
• Organize/ conduct international industrial tour
• International trade fairs
• Develop skills and employability for civil societies