All Naga political groups should unite together: NPGN/NNC (NA)

Dimapur, March 20 (MExN): The National People’s Government of Nagaland (NPGN) of the NNC (Non Accordist) has appealed to all Naga political groups to “unite together and eradicate the issue of ‘ego’ and ‘ism’ and forgive and forget the past mistake and work together in the spirit of peace and harmony.”


Tsanthungo Ovung, President of the NPGN/NNC (NA) said this in his message on the 38th Naga Republic Day. He reiterated that Nagas do not “demand or request independence from the Indian Government but rather appealed to leave our country just as our ancestors had been living a life of free and Sovereign nation from time immemorial.”


He reminded how the Indian Government had used the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) to dominate the “Free Naga Country” using military might. However, Nagas did not surrender and on March 21, 1956, declared a Naga Republic Nation to the world that would rule as per the will of the Naga people.


On the basis of the “uniqueness and legal rights of the Naga as Independent Nation,” the British “did not object to the declaration of the Naga Independence on August 14, 1947,” Ovung noted.


Owing to the “illegal occupation of Naga Country by the Indian Government the Nagas are still continuing to resist the invading forces till date,” the President reminded, adding that the breach of the international law of the Right to Self Determination is “much against the aspiration of the Nagas.”


The Nagas have experienced “untold hardship and human torture under the hands of the Indian Military forces but the Nagas had never give up their determination nor surrendered the rights to the Indian.”


In spite of all this, the Nagas are “trying their level best to solve the long protected into Naga Political problem and amicably without any prejudice but wanted to be friendly and trusted neighbours with India till date.”


Thus, Ovung said, the Nagas have chosen a “policy of non-violence and non cooperation until the Nagas get freedom from the Indian Domination.” He appealed to the Indian Government to leave Naga country by “respecting one’s own national Rights.”


“We do not challenge the Indian Government rather want to live as good neighbor in a friendly manner and bring about permanent settlement of the Indo- Naga political issue on the basis of international code of human rights based on the status of Equality and respect each other rights so as to maintain international peace and unity,” the President maintained.

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