Are Naga public discussions driven by pre-conceived assumptions and personal opinions rather than by truth, evidences and facts? Why?

Are Naga public discussions driven by pre-conceived assumptions and personal opinions rather than by truth, evidences and facts? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • Yes, Because Nagas knows only about yesterday and exaggerate about it. We cannot think about tomorrow. Second, we cannot think beyond our own tribal community. Third, we cannot think beyond money. Fourth, we cannot think beyond receiving.


  • Yes, Yes. We have a tendency to make a lot of assumptions without verifying what the facts are. We feed on gossip mongers and we are good at passing judgements. Hopefully this habit will be weaned off.


  • little knowledge is dangerous applies in Naga society. Most discussions are not based on facts, we do not even look for evidence. We are quite suspicious by nature. But we should not allow discussions to be driven by assumptions.


  • Yes, Long isolation by asking independency, isolated from non-locals led to lack of ideas as per other part of world.


  • Yes, our discussions are driven mostly by personal feelings. There is usually one or two people who drive the discussion. It is a herd mentality.


  • Yes, because most Nagas are narrow minded with big egos and have not been educated in the real sense of its term. The why’s and how’s are not being used intellectually but to seek answers that confirm to one’s though process and personal affiliations and desires.


  • Yes, its a no brainer. We like gossiping and dont take the trouble of finding out what the truth is. We follow the popular opinion rather than trying to know what the fact is. Since public discussions are mostly based on opinion there is not proper decision because only when we have the facts with us, can we make good decisions.


  • Oh yes we Nagas love a good gossip. The Indian intelligence is well aware of this. From time to time we see well educated Nagas questioning some documents, supposedly part of the NPG charter of demand, and funny thing is that these educated and knowledgeable individuals believe these documents that came from thin air. Do they ever question the probability of these documents being concocted by intelligence agencies to sow discord among Nagas? Nagas may be good fighters, but we are fools when it comes to fighting mind games.


  • Yes, Honesty is the best policy. Christians need to practice honesty in letter and in spirit. God command us to do so, but literally there is no Christian in Nagaland. Even the church and so called Christian leaders are bribed by politicians. GOD HELP US.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • No, public discussions usually have some half-truths and half-lies. This is more dangerous and confusing.


  • This trend of gossips and rumors are manufactured in the urban areas. In the rural areas of our state, things are quite intact because people know what is what and who is who.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • We live in a situation where everyone is trying to survive. It’s the survival of the fittest and truth is the first casualty. No one is concerned about truth as long as they are managing to stay afloat.