Is Naga society willing to create equal opportunity for young people to be in leadership position? Why?

Is Naga society willing to create equal opportunity for young people to be in leadership position? Why?

 Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • Yet first, we have to define what leadership. Are we talking about leadership in the tribal hohos (which mean you have to influence the village leaders), or are we talking about leadership in the state leadership which is about vote bank and party politics? Or do you mean Naga national leadership? Some had walked on foot to china and came back and continued steadfastly in the efforts. So we have to bear with them though they are not perfect. Any youth cannot just come and say, “now, I want to be in charge of everything.” Ultimately the younger generation will decide crucial issues. But they must learn the intricacies, challenges, responsibilities and the realities. The chaff and the grain must be identified and separated, if possible without violence.


  • Yes, maybe in the fields of music, science, business, art, medicine, health, etc, but not in politics and socio-tribal issue.


  • Yes, But with strong integrity, true Christian, strong academic background with well versed of knowhow world, well refined cultured youth. Otherwise, no difference with present old power and money mongers leaders. Besides, public must also have a will to bring change in Nagaland. It is quite doubt that present MLAs of 70-80% will back even after 2018 election. Hope by now nagas may come to an understanding of social change- with an optimistic outlook.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • No, because the Naga elders underestimate young people.


  • The young group had no money to contest election. However is the slogans, the nagas need money to keep alive. Since no other source in Nagaland to generate money the people had no choice but to do business during election. Time to generate some industries, time to do away with sharks consuming all our money (certain business group who become) who think money is superior to humanity. NAGAS HAVE TO DO SERIOUS THINKING AND ACTION FOR THIS POOREST CLASS LIKE ME.


  • No, jealousy and hatred ….has Become our daily bread…


  • The patriarchy is too strong. It is only interested in power and control. There is no space for young people to become leaders.


  • If some of our politicians continue as minister without age limit than sorry no chance for young people.


  • The present leaders are not willing to part with the power to load public money.


  • No, Many are unwilling to give up their positions to the youth and many still dont have faith in the youth. However with education, exposure and broad mindedness there have been positive signs in the right direction. Hopefully this trend will continue and increase.


  • No way. IN a tribal patriarchal society, what do you expect. Come one, lets be realistic.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • I do not think it is about old and young, but it is about having the right leaders to lead the people. We need leaders that are honest, sincere, committed and are sufficiently concerned for the welfare of the people.


  • The problem is that so far that has not been any young leader that has really come up. We criticize SC Jamir, N Rio, and others, but tell me who among the young people have reached their stature. No one yet.