Naga warriors on walls: Preserving culture through street arts

Naga warriors on walls: Preserving culture through street arts

Street arts and graffiti have always been an essence in adding vibrancy to the aesthetics of a certain place. Of late, street arts and graffiti have gradually appeared in the capital town of Nagaland.


The recent street art on Naga warriors painted by 10 members of Project 72 Hrs was completed within two weeks, attracting much positive reviews.


The significance of the art, according to Project 72 Hrs, is “to preserve our culture by reviving through street art and also to beautify the city.”


The members who worked on the project were Vithuse Temi (artist), Vineizotuo Tase (artist), Lovito Achumi, Aja Keretsü, Waden Pogener, Aleto Yongo, Chris Sachü, Peter Nyusou, Avio Belho and Sievituo Solo.


Project 72 Hrs is a community based organization which encourages citizens to voluntarily contribute in any activity that can uplift the society through positive outlook towards life and goals.


Why #72Hrs?

It is a target for an individual to contribute 72 hours of his/ her time in a year for any community service. It can be visiting an old age home, orphanage, prison, town cleaning, street art, or just about anything that one would like to contribute which can benefit the community.

(Morung Express News)