NAGALAND BEYOND THE HEADLINES: Losami Village- ‘Land of drivers’

NAGALAND BEYOND THE HEADLINES: Losami Village- ‘Land of drivers’
A partial view of Losami Village under Phek District (Morung file Photo)


Chizokho Vero
Kohima | September 23


A village called Losami, about 22km away from Phek town is becoming known as the ‘Land of Drivers,’ owing to a large number of transport drivers that come from there.


The village even has an organization called Losami Drivers’ Union with more than 100 members. The union’s President, Kewekha Lohe informed that presently the union has 112 members engaged in driving government and commercial vehicles, and also working as personal drivers.


He added that besides their normal engagement, the union has also initiated roadside yonchak (stink bean) and banana plantations within the village jurisdiction. Interestingly, commuters passing through the plantation stretch are at liberty to pluck them but only for personal consumption and not for the purpose of selling.


Neingutso, a member of the union, said that the abundant availability of skilled drivers from their village has aided in the financial transformation of the village, thereby boosting the village economy. Neingutso was also appreciative of the local youth for choosing driving as a self-employment opportunity.


“I do enjoy driving,” he said. On a personal note, however, he commented that the horrible road condition in Nagaland has been a discouragement.


Wepe Mekrisuh, former president of the Chakhesang Students’ Union, terming the village as unique, commented, “To me, being a driver is a noble job – a job of huge responsibility. People often look down when someone takes up the job of a driver but in reality, transport as a profession is the backbone of the economy. It is vital to commerce as all the materials are transported by efficient drivers,” he added.


Pointing out that experienced and sincere drivers are well paid, Mekrisuh added that “unless we have sincere and experienced drivers, we cannot expect to support our socio-economic and development activities.”


While stating that there is dignity in the role of a driver, he added that women must also be encouraged to take up the job.


Clarification/Update: The earlier version of the article inadvertently used a wrong image as Losami Village. It has now been updated with the correct one. The error is regretted.