Nagaland BMA clarifies on allegations of RSS link

Nagaland BMA clarifies on allegations of RSS link
Nagaland Sate Bharatiya Modi Army (BMA) office bearers at a press briefing at Hotel Acacia on Tuesday. (Morung Photo)


Maintains it is an NGO formed primarily to fight against corruption

Morung Express News

Dimapur | February 13

The Nagaland State Bharatiya Modi Army (BMA) has affirmed that it is a unit of Yuva Swabhiman Seva Samiti and an NGO formed primarily to fight against corruption, to ensure quality development and education and also respect freedom of religion.


Addressing a section of the media at Hotel Acacia on Tuesday, BMA state unit office bearers including president, Nego HK Sema, general secretary, Kakishe Awomi and state secretary, Yambemo Kikon, said the BMA state unit was compelled to make a clarification against the backdrop of a mischievous write-up circulating in social media to malign the good image of the state BMA and BJP as a whole.


According to the State BMA, the write-up stated that the Nagaland State BJP president had “officially confirmed” that there is a standing army of the RSS (Hindutva agents) in Nagaland and that this would mean “trouble for true Christian believers.”


“Such an insinuation is devoid of any rationale and written with intention to create disharmony and ill-feelings among various sections of society”, said Nego HK Sema, president of Nagaland State BMA.


Condemning the “fabricated” write-up, the BMA state unit president said contrary to opinions of some narrow minded people, BMA is not an “army” in the strict sense of the word and has nothing to do with carrying of arms or martial discipline.


“Rather, it is an army of civilians who have pledged to come together and fight corruption, social injustice and inequalities and safeguard public property. BMA’s main vision is to usher in a corruption free country in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pledge to rid India of the menace of corruption”, Sema said.


“Further, the Nagaland State BMA would like to categorically mention that it is not associated or linked with the RSS or any other Hindutva agent. The State BMA unit is supporting the BJP as it is a secular political party with members and workers drawn from various religious and social backgrounds”, he added.


Meanwhile, the BMA state unit has made an appeal to all candidates contesting in the forthcoming election to the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly that once elected, they should work together to ensure a corruption-free government and strive to provide quality development and quality education.