Nagaland for Football too

Ayeto Ayemi
General Secretary
Nagaland Football Coaches Association


The legacy of Dr. T Ao installed a sense of belief in football among the then Naga youths but now it almost stands uninstalled. where did we go wrong? The answer covers all aspects that make football happen. Some reasons are beyond control and some facts are just the way it is. Some aspects are so much achievable just requiring the right attitude.


Football in India may not be as big as cricket but surely can be big judging from the size of our population. The prospects for Football was never better than it is right now in our country. the option of a professional career in football doesn’t look like too much of a wishful thinking anymore. The question of how much you can dedicate and sacrifice for the game is no more a shot in the dark but rather a shot worth it, a whole clip of ammunition indeed. So where and how is Nagaland loading its football gun ammunition in all this? We do have academies and departments dedicated to the game with the recent launch of Dr. T Ao Football academy project being a potential blessing. It just goes to be seen whether this project requires unchanged leaders at the helm and a stable political environment to see it through. There is a recent growth in the number of football academies across the country coinciding with the growth of the Indian Super League(ISL) as well as the Indian league(I-League). Amongst these we have a healthy number or Naga Youth enrolled and undergoing development. It only fits in well that out state too is getting into the act not withstanding the fact that we do have running academies surviving and struggling as well as performing against all odds.


We have emerging stars in Kivi Zhimomi and James Kithan boldly broadcasting the fact that the Nagas have potential. If Dr. T Ao was in his prime at this age he would be playing for Barcelona or Spurs. There is a whole crop of Naga boys in academies across the country with the potential of making it big. So why not declare Nagaland for football too? Making football a culture in Nagaland can bring positive vibes into our society. If every weekend we have hundreds of people flocking towards stadium across the state to watch our local league the you can take it for grantd India has qualified for Fifa world Cup. Our youth will have pride our old will have something to look forward to. All the ingredients are there to make football a culture in Nagaland. Can the policy makers and authorities commit. The question is should they even consider? I say why not? When you have more to loose by not trying out and all to gain if Nagaland for Football too works out.