Nagaland Government in crisis yet again

Khekiye K. Sema IAS (Retd)
Upper Forest Colony, Kohima


Nagas are being given an opportunity yet again to see our so-called ‘leaders’ (who purchased their leadership) effortlessly changing their colour in broad daylight more efficiently than even a chameleon can. They are all amply displaying their core intent of only wanting to recuperate their past election investments by shifting loyalty to ensure better lucrative returns to make up their loses faster. This has nothing to do with governance. This has everything to do with treacherous power mongering. The often touted phrase “welfare of the people” is but a mere lip service because the people are furthest from the minds of all these power mongers.


The audacity of it all is that our so-called leaders are no longer ashamed or afraid to behave irresponsibly and selfishly because we the people do not hold them accountable for their atrocious commissions over and over again. Even if they do not have an honourable character to feel ashamed of their despicable behaviours, we the people should feel ashamed that we are being represented by cheap stakes like them and prove it comprehensively when the next election comes by voting them out beyond the boundary of the State of Nagaland…leave aside our Legislative Assembly.


TR Zeliang was forced to resign for his overall inapt handling of corruptive governance capped by the ULB election fiasco. If he wants to regain the Chair of Chief Minister, he should seek a fresh mandate of the people. On a matter of principle, JCC and NTAC did not intend that TRZ give up the Chair of Chief Minister for a few hours…days…or months. In as far as the people are concerned the clear verdict was that he no longer qualifies to be the Chief Minister within this term unless he is re-elected for the next term. He must seek the people’s mandate afresh if he wishes to retrieve the Chair.


Therefore, it would be within the rights of the people to revive the movement to throw him out yet again. How long do the people of Nagaland want to be treated with such indifferent arrogance by so-called leaders shamelessly searching for money and their comfort zones at the cost of the common man? The Government of Nagaland has been converted to sheer mockery by the so-called elected jokers to the Assembly. This must stop. We the people must rise up in unison and determinedly terminate this tomfoolery once for all if we have any self-respect left in us!


Judging by the exodus of MLAs and Ministers to the Ali Baba camp at Kaziranga the present incumbent Chief Minister must have streamlined and restricted some of the excess routes of blatant corruption thus causing disgruntled reaction. With the kind of company he has no choice but to keep, the Chief Minister ought to have been a little more sensitive to his surroundings and not ripple the waters by appointing his son as an Advisor to the Chief Minister. Politically and ethically, this can be classified as a pure nepotism. It is more questionable from the customary and traditional perspective for a son to be advising the father. This has never happened before. Therefore, if he is an honourable man he should rethink this action of his and make positive amends and also spare himself the trouble of not provide ammunition to his detractors to continue muddying the waters. This is just an honest sentiment being suggested by those who wish him well.


Finally…however indifferent we Nagas may be…we do not deserve to be treated so dishonourably in this manner. The Chief Minister and his Cabinet must consider dissolving the present House and recommend a President’s Rule for the remaining period of this irresponsible Assembly. The continuation of this selfish madness does not serve the people in any way other than the few rats desperately looking for cheese.