Does the Nagaland government need to initiate an honest and open review of the Prohibition Act with all stakeholders?

Does the Nagaland government need to initiate an honest and open review of the Prohibition Act with all stakeholders?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, the Nagaland government and the Naga Mothers Association (NMA) were the main forces for the prohibition act. Many people say it is NBCC, but in reality it is the NMA and the state government. They should take responsibility and own up for the failure of prohibition and initiate independent reviews of the act and why it has failed and what the consequences have been on the society.

• Yes. Because the Act is not at all practical. Mixing Christian values and Alcohol has resulted our society into a drunken state of mind. It seems like the preacher is more drunk than the drinker itself.

• Yes its high time. I believe prohibition was spear headed by the NBCC. And the ugly truth is when majority of the church goers they drink and buy from Assam and even some church leaders and deacons and even pastors they drink though not hard drinks but wine which includes women too what is the logic behind to continue with the prohibition? Isn’t that pure hypocrisy?

• Yes. Prohibition or not people who drink will go on drinking, and people who do not drink will not. Simple. We have more alcohol related abuse and disruption than any wet state. Why does the concerned authorities still want to ban alcohol, and let businessmen smuggle cheap, distilled drinks into our state, they can never curb this situation. They want to make it better? Make stricter rules to sell alcohol. Timely check if the dealers are adhering to the requirements of the laws and regulations or not.

• Yes. Even religious body would like to assert their influence wherever they can but in this matter, personally i feel if prohibition is lifted, then the supply and quality can be monitored; those who drink do not have to drink like they’ll not get another drink tomorrow; place of drinking can be designated; the govt can allocate some of the taxes collected to educate the harms of abusing substances to children and parents through schools, churches and any platform available so that people have can choose to drink or not to drink or how much they can drink. The govt should also make facilities available for detoxification and rehabilitation for substance abuse. A study on the impact/ effects of total prohibition in Nagaland will be a good start to see if prohibition is really working. Prohibition in Nagaland is such a mockery which no visitor seem to believe it exist.

• Yes, an absolute must because the only thing which is not dry in this dry state is alcohol.

• Yes because this Act is killing both person & economy, and many more. NLTP Act 1989 must be lifted with strict conditions.

• Yes it is about time. The Nagaland government, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council and the Naga Mother’s Association must have an honest review of the Prohibition Act. They need to take moral responsibility for continuing an Act that has completely failed. Dont they realize that the prohibition is now doing more damage than good. There may have been a time when prohibition was needed, but today the society is more aware and has grown immensely and it is time that prohibition is lifted from our state.

• Yes. Prohibition is a joke in Nagaland. Because of prohibition moonlightinng is rampant. So many people lives are lost due to consumption of adulterated spirit from border. The lawmakers themselves serve booze in any party . For the people outside nagaland life of a Naga does not matter. If the churches and NMA wants to save the lives of people souls they are doing a poor job . Their work ends in diktats of prohibition acts and they are not coming up with any practical solutions. Has any of them took steps to stop the illegal booze dens around nagaland? The only way is to educate people and spread awareness among the youth of ill effect of alcohol. Yes there should be honest and open review of prohibition act. If it has to continue then the people who come with the idea should come out with a practical solution. Unless it is strictly enforced, wine and whiskey will continue to flow freely in Nagaland. After prohibition it is seen that many lives has been lost due to alcohol related problems. Another things, People who drinks will always drink whether there is prohibition or not

• Yes prohibition is killing more people than otherwise as spurious alcohol is flooding the market. The Church except for shouting prohibition is not contributing anything to educate the people. All in all it is a sham and only leading to criminalising of the society.

• Yes, Because now, NLTP or no NLTP alcohol is available everywhere and everyone drinks adulterated alcohol.

• NLPT, 100% failed & so its time to lift the banned.101% yes.

• Yes. Total prohibition is not stopping alcoholism; but only encouraging black business, by businessmen as well as enforcers. Check gates do not stop flow; but create pocket money of those manning the check gates. TP definitely needs review and streamlining.

• Yes, Prohibition in Nagaland is just a humbug in our so-called Christian society. Christianity here has become synonymous to antichrist, anti-modernization, anti-decency, irrationality and pro primitiveness. In short: MASS HYPOCRISY society.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No review is required, they only need to lift the prohibition law. Everyone can see that prohibition has become a joke in Nagaland.

• No, It will only make the habitual drinkers happy, at the cost of his family and society.

• No it will be a fruitless exercise. Unless people are educated and there is awareness, people will either keep supporting it or will keep opposing it. Majority of the people are not viewing prohibition for what it is.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• The Prohibition issue is contentious because it involves the Church, the government and Naga mothers. While everyone knows that booze is easily available everywhere no one wants to really point it out. In fact it is sold openly and most disturbing is that booze is sold in shops that are near schools and religious places. But under the guise of prohibition everyone turns a blind eye. The elephant in the room is that while prohibition has failed is an open secret, there is no alternative plan. This is the problem.