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Nagaland Roads in retrospect

Ketu Angami

If you have travelled through the Secretariat road in the last couple of days, you must have noticed people filling potholes with mud. This scene completely changed overnight. And by the time you read this, you will see blacktopped roads. Or since it was what you called “applying lipstick” in view of the upcoming Republic Day Celebrations, you would just as well miss the sight.


Well, if the premier road in the state is in this condition, one can only imagine how much worse the roads are, in other pockets of the state. There are not enough words to describe the woes that come with the deplorable road condition in Nagaland. Citizens have suffered enough bad roads. And with elections just around the corner, it would do us good to ponder over issues like these. What kind of government do we want? Do we continue to vote for a government that does the least to give us something as basic as good roads? Do we need a change of guard? Because the last few years have barely given us pleasant rides. Roads have been washed away. Bridges have collapsed and the so called existing ‘potholed’ roads remain unrepaired.


As elections draw closer and we get another opportunity to exercise our right to vote, it is also a time to reflect on what the present government has done and not done. It is the right time to elect the right leaders. We have to retrospect and look towards a brighter future. But to do so, we can only start with electing the right leaders to lead us and our state in the right direction.