Should Nagaland state legislators use social media for interactive dialogue with the public? Why?

Should Nagaland state legislators use social media  for interactive dialogue with the public? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

• Yes. Its high time for politicians in Nagaland to use social media. They should be atleast accessible in the media forum.

• Yes it’ll be a good innovation toward better governance where you can reach the people and have their opinion too

• Yes. They should because they are the servant of public and we people has right to know everything and anything

• Yes. Power is not binary. Power is a continuum. It may wax and wane depending on the party or person that wields it… It finally boils down to maintenance, growth, nurturing and investing time in and securing connections with us the people, never taking our affections for granted. They should never loss sight of where they and their power comes from.

• Yes. Because they are our representative and so listen to what is our opinion.

• Yes, because we don’t want to wait for hours, days and weeks to meet them just for 5-10 minutes work.

• Yes.. Leaders elected by the people so they need to hear the voice of the people. Good or bad feedback to help them be better leaders. It can also breach the gap of communication and enable to build stronger relationship with the mass

• Yes it is needed.. Social media is one platform that the legislators can reach out to know the opinion of the mass, whether to listen to criticism and appreciation or suggestions on how to improve the working systems of the government.

• Yes! It is frustrating for the public to wait for hours just for 5 minutes or less meeting to hear the voice of the people. The ministers/legislators will forget as soon as soon the next public comes in…not practical. Social media is a good medium. Safe place for all to interact thoughtfully. An important step to transparency.

• They should partake in social Media like that of our Indian PM Modi.

• YES! I strongly recommend Nagaland Legislative Assembly to launch Social Networking sites exclusively for the Nagas Legislatures and organised live confidence in a weekend or atleast once in a month and seek public opinion or debate on any important socio economic and political affairs of our State through social networking platform. We have reached to the extent that without social media the present generations is incomplete of any task if used it for everyone benefits whereas, misusing of social media is a dangerous threat for the society as well.

• Yes. I also encourage the media to personally interview them, so that people can know their aspirations and visions for the people and do follow up interviews too to see how much they have achieved in fulfilling the will of the people.

• Yes… Everything should be transparent at all…

• Yes, platform for the public to dialogue with the state legislators will be great because it will help the public to ventilate their grievances to the concerned legislators directly.

• Yes they should this how else do they know the feelings and emotions on the ground and act accordingly instead of listening to acolytes. This is a democratic tool like no other and for politicians a Godsend who have been utilising it to the hilt but I guess our Naga politicians are just too dumb to realize its usefulness. Just because one can’t hear it does not mean there is no chatter. What better way to keep up with it than these new age tools. If I had political ambitions I sure would be using it. My only solace is I have more followers on twitter, FB et al than all the Naga politicians combined.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• NO, they don’t have time to use the social media for interactive dialogue with the public. But who knows, they may be using it only to watch the dirty picture etc. We have never seen them involving in social media, concerning for the people, and for our state in general.

• Not at the moment when the social interactive sites are manned in a very irresponsible manner. The alarming amount of accounts which flout facebook guidelines swarming Naga society based social networking sites is quite unhealthy.

• No. It will only create more issues and more problems. There is still time to initiate such programme. Just a personal thought.

• No way, most Nagas do not have pc etc or understanding of it. they should be have social interaction with all the community

• No because looking at the quality of interactions in the many Naga social networking sites, it is only negative and our bloggers are not mature enough. We only know how to complaint and bring other people down. There is no positive discussion.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• Whether yes or no, there should be enough avenues and platform through which the public can reach them, after all they are elected by the public and they are accountable to the public. The reason why they remain indifferent to the grievances to the public might be because of lack of interaction and communication between the legislators and the public.

• We should be clear on two things here. Which is, Legislators partaking in interaction on social media, and legislators using social media. I can vouch that majority of them are already observing social media activity directly or indirectly. Which in itself is a start. What is lacking is their participation. We have to entice them or anybody else for open participation. Something which will be beneficial for all. As it is now, there is a total lack of responsibility and accountability by Naga community based facebook creators and administrators which is keeping our legislators and other desired people away. Fake and irrelevant/untraceable IDs are running riot indulging in defamation, accusations, tribalism, trolling, trouble mongering, indecent behaviour and the likes. There should be enough confidence for responsibility to be fixed and borne incase of any eventuality. Just as the print media censors indecent language and rejects statements by unidentified subscribers. The same needs to be put in place for social networking group by its creators and caretakers. Then only will we see mass and open spirited participation.

• Even if they don’t partake in replying to each and every comment, I would love to read their power packed posts and how and what good thoughts they have for the societies.

• For the bad of majority, good ones even share the blame. But there are good people also who stands as pillars strong and tall. Hats off to all them who are real humans!

• That will be a great start but so sad some of them dont even know the ABC of social networking media. Some doesn’t want to get embarrass through direct confrontations from public through it. This is the type of legislators we have…poor Nagaland

• Selfless leaders will come out and dare come what may!

• Nagaland government website is really in pathetic condition. No update, i dont know what this so call IT dept is doing. is it their incompetency or backdoor appointee that knows nothing about IT. In short we are still in black and white era and we say that we are moving ahead with time!!! Come on!!!