Nagaland’s longest mural is being painted on Dimapur’s walls

Nagaland’s longest mural is being painted on Dimapur’s walls
One of the Art works on the walls near West Police Station, Midland Colony, Dimapur painted under the initiatives of ASUD and DMC. (Morung Photo)


Reflecting the present state of affairs in Nagaland, ‘the wall’ has a simple but powerful message, If you want change for a better tomorrow, Walk the Talk’




Morung Express News
Dimapur | October 22


Pacing up street art culture around Dimapur’s cityscape, a long stretch of eye-catchy artworks as long as 190 metres near the West Police Station, Midland Colony, Dimapur is nearing completion.


The artwork project has been adopted by the Ao Students’ Union Dimapur (ASUD) as part of their year-long Golden Jubilee celebration this year. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) under ‘A Better Dimapur’ project.


DMC led ‘A Better Dimapur’, launched last year in June has been transforming dumping sites into public utilities, pledging for a cleaner and greener Dimapur and beautifying the city through various art forms.


An initiative to appreciate the role a community plays in one’s life, Ao Students Union Dimapur President Lanutoshi Aier while talking to The Morung Express said, “it is a feat to give back something to the community.” He also informed that it is one of the longest murals in Nagaland and the Northeast.


The message behind the vivid murals, though untitled will speak volumes on our culture and society, and “portrays a present context of Naga society,” the student union president said.


Global issues and concerns on environment, digital and technological impacts are also projected through the murals.
At the end of the wall block is a colourful log-drum and emblazoned to the other end is a fierce Naga warrior mural. Another block is seen a distressed boy in a swing with a message engraved on its adjacent “Enough promises walk the talk.” Neat and green trees surface a phrase “Without us.”


Earlier, the renovation of the wall started in July, this year. “It took two months to complete the renovation works of the wall,” DMC Administrator, Moa Sangtam informed.


With five regular painters from the Ao Students community in Dimapur and volunteers and leaders helping in the maintenance and assisting of painters, “the artwork was started on September 21 last,” the president said.


The ideas of the artwork has been incorporated in consultation with the DMC and as part of the adoption, ASUD will maintain and look after the site and murals in future.


With more than rupees two lakh each already budgeted for the renovation and murals “the artwork is expected to complete in in a weeks time,” one of the painters said. Apart from the murals, the ASUD will also put up streetlight and fences along the stretch.